Romanian Army Atrocities in WWII

Hitler’s forgotten Ally today’s NATO member !

Der vergessener Hitlers Verbündeter

Aliatul uitat al lui Hitler

Забытый союзник Гитлера

(    Подождите Путина он собирается получить Вас   )

L’allié d’Hitler oublié

Victory Day May 9th 1945 / May 9th 2015

 general-dwight-eisenhower  war_ordenJUKOVpic23_nazi_flag


The attached photo depicts the Romanian  & Moldavian  Neo Nazi crooks  who since two years harass my blog and my email addresses, sending viruses , second from left Denes Bernard ( gang leader )


Romanian WWII “Historians ” in fact a Neo Nazi gang led by Denes Bernard a Romanian Hungarian kicked out of Canada and  members of various WWII Romanian Forums

A Liar is one who denies atrocities in WWII




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   In the Memoriam of the murdered by Romanian & German Nazis  in WWII

This research is a true story , the reconstructions are based on original archival documents of US Government (NARA) Personen Archiven Germany,Luftwaffe Archiven Freiburg i.B. ,TzAMO Russian Federation, Shimon Wiessenthal Center and eyewitness accounts. It was dedicated to the below randome victims of the Romanian & German Armies in WWII and those who helpped my research.


A group of 18 Soviet pilots out of which several had to ditch over Romania , Moldova, Bessarabia ,Yugoslavia handed over by the Romanestis to the Germans who sent them to Dulag & Stalag Luft in Poland ,then when tried to escape were murdered & cremated by SD and Gestapo Frankfurt on October 1944

 240ROMANIAN 1941 DATES   sarah vagman  Karte_-_Einsatzgruppe_D

Sarah Vagman from Akkerman one of the numerous  women rapped & massacred by Romanian Army in WWII

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       Those Jews murdered by the Einsatz Gruppe Ost , Romanestis & Luftwaffe in Bessarabia ,Odessa and Crimea.

A sensless victim of the Barbarian  Romanians who occupied Akkerman on July 1941 , Sarah Vagman was murdered on Aug 1, 1941 along with many other Jews from Akkerman ( Cetatea Alba) . When the Romanians approached Akkerman , other than the airmen of 5 SBAP and 168 IAP stationed near Akkerman just few miles away from her house who could flee to Northern Ukraine, Sarah and family had no planes and  no place where to seek refuge to  . On a hot day of August 1, 1941 when Romanestis were spending summer vacations ,she was rapped  and then murdered by the Romanian Army “heroic soldiers ” along with her family .

Sgt.Pilot Ponomarev 132 BAP Kirowograd and Grigoriopol , shot down Iasi 25.6.1941 , at Iasi Hospital , POW Budesti Romania  1941 .Handed over by the Iasi Mayor to Germans, died at Stalag XVII-A in 1942
  a Lucretiu-Patrascanu patrascanu (1) 1946
Prof.Lucretiu Patrascanu unfortunately a Communist and  one of the most capable Romanian politicians on post WWII era, who sentenced to death Antonescu and his clan and later on like other rare good Romanians became a victim of his own system and ended up executed at Jilava Jail.
Soviet Recon unit which captured and executed in Transilvanya  the bastard war criminal SS Gen.Phelps , who were never awarded a thing for their bravery.
a tamara mejigurskaya
Sgt.Tamara Mejidurskaya , Soviet partizan executed by Romanian occupants of Odessa in 1942 for having participated on the blow up of the gispsies Hdq .
vernon VSL Campsite g
Vernie , RAF Navigator on AVM Stevenson’s crew , UK Commission Bucharest.



              57958.b  У Бр. ворот 1951-2  У Рейхстага 1951-2 176592_original

Those who dreamt of Stalingrad and woke up in Berlin begging Ivan & Yanks for peace and bread  !

              alpha   bravo

           Soviet troops near Iasi in  1944   and  today , same scenarios same junk 

Because of these Nazi,Romanian and Axis psycho maniacs 180 Million souls were killed and murdered in WWII !

It’s a fact, some of them started their political careers in public jails, once a terrorist, always a terrorist  !

                     young-Bolshevik-Stalin   646x404    gheorghiu_dej_35817700            images        benito_mussolini      A (2)

                     Stalin Okhrana Jail       Dej Doftana Jail     Dej Doftana     Hitler Landsberg Jail   Il Duce Roma     Antonescu &  Mihai               

 The forgotten Hitler’s Ally .

Однажды цыган – всегда цыган! Забытый гитлеровский союзник.

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It was just a simple soccer game, Bucharest 1941                                       High Tec junk with postal drop box & peasants in Bucharest 1939

The notorious history of Romanian side switching  1941 -2013

SIDE 1   1941 – HITLER 

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A (1)   A (2)  A (3)  A (4)  A (5) romanesti

above , a Luftwaffe ME-108  and a beauty contest from Romania in the new Commy era.


c (3) NAZIS FLAGGEN Romanians carry Romanian flag and the Iron Guard sign during a commemoration of Zelea Codreanu's death near Bucharest c (4)

Romania = Complicity only second to Nazis  1941 -1944 

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I remeber my school time in Bucharest  in 1960  , almost 20 years after WWII war’s end , even during the Communist era, on the streets , in socitey and the schools the ethnic insciment and  hatriot  of these Romanestis would candidly still go on , something characterising this Nation way before WWII after WWII and nowadays too.  How could the NATO forget the damages caused by these Romanians in the 70’s and 80’s  ? 
Nazism & Fascism is one thing and  Stalinist  Communism is an other thing , they were not connected  but  both used repressions as a tool to control people, confiscate property and murder  ,by no means this gave Dracula’s land citizens  the right to murder ethnics , and self-appoint themselves the savior of the world from Bolshevism by occupying an other country.The Whermacht power was trained near Lipetsk Moscow . 
No matter what , I condsider the Georgian Stalin and Berya the bigest Russian traitors of  all times. Thanks to them over 20 million Russians from all ethnics were murdered and the Russian military might was as good as none on June 22,1941.
 Allied  POW’s fair treatment in Romania , that doesn’t mean a thing and it does not change the overall picture of what this Nation did in WWII to the World and the 2 Million people they killed in Romania , Bessarabia, Ukraine, Bucovina and rest of USSR. In today’s Romania the majority of the people don’t sympathise with  US, EEC , NATO who took them out of bankruptcy but Fascism, Antisemitism and Antonescu’s and Hitler revivals. Don’t believe  ?  No prob , stay tunned and watch Romania’s future on your TV screens.  Oh one thing, for those silly Romanian still claiming that Bessarabia and Bucovina occupation was orchestrated in 40’s by the  Jews of  the NKVD  a nation which they believe was then in Jewish hands,  just go back to your schools you Idiots.  True is that Stalin’s second wife was Jewish , the Russian revolution in 1917 was partially masterminded by Russian Jews who sought revange for the early Pogroms years during Nikolay II , also true is that the last two bloody NKVD chiefs before Berya were also Jews , tough ultimately also they became  victims of the same repression system they used and were exectuted by Stalin in due course, 2.8 million Jews would be executed during Stalin reprisals in 1933-1940 and many other woud go to Siberia . The stuff with Bessarabia was solely masterminded by Hitler and Stalin !

Of course Russia always had a very large Jewish population and in similar to  Bessarabian Romanians , also  Georgians, Tatars, Kozahks,Armenians  etc were part of the Soviet society . Unlike other nations at that time ,Jews were offered the possibility to promote on the highest echelons of Army and Government institutions.   Other than that, the Russian Jews suffered as much as the Russians during the Stalinist repression years , in fact 60 % of the persecuted and executed were Russian Jews.    If you would carefully study the facts about those who manage to stay with Stalin until his death and survived his repressions most of them  weren’t Jews  !    Berya, Voroschilov,Vischisnky , Molotov,    Jukov,Timoschenko,Tschuikov,Tuhachevsky, Krushtchev,Migoyan,Budyonny,Jdanov,Egorov,Novikov,Vasilivesky, Rokossvsky,Malinowsky ,Tholbukin, Admiral Kuznetzov and most of  Berya aids etc etc  weren’t Jewish at all but of Georgian and Russian origin,except Kaganovitch who was Jewish.  Most of the old Jewish Bolschevik party members were put on trials already during 30’s and all ended up on front of firing squads while  many other died in the Siberian camps.   So cut your Romanesti crop and propganda that  Jews and Zionists led Russia and they alone masterminded the occupation of Bessarabia and Bucovina and carried other guilt on various WWII events and beyond. Your grand fathers committed genocides  in WWII and unlike Germany, Italy , Finland and Japan,Romania never paid any war compensation to anyone  . Stalin used the Russian Jews and other ethnics for his dark purposes then later he executed them . Same about your country , Jewish communist party members on top with Pauker were not unscaved , they were put on trials by your antissemitic  society of rail worker Dej & clan early 50’s.














ZIGANI = GYPSIES = ROMANIANS  ( nick from abroad )

ROMANI GANAV = ROMANIAN THIEVES   ( Israeli nick for Romanians )

SA-M„nner beim Kleben von Boykott-Plakaten vor einem jdischen Gesch„ft in Mnchen


Cocosul decapitat 2


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The Nazi syphatiser Radu Mazare, Mayor of Constanza 2012

( spare time hobbies )

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JJ  ziganii   PIGANTONESCU  maresalul-antonescu-si-evreii

Reference Material 
Col. Dr. Petre  Otu – Romanian Armed Forces Historical Research Center ,Prof.Mihail Ionescu -Military Historical Research Romania, Bundes Archives, Baden Wuertnberg Archives, Foreign Office Archives, FSB Archives, CIA Archives , NARA Archives ,   “Michael King of Romania ”  by  Ivor Porter ,  “Operation Autonomous ” by Ivor Porter ,  “Hitlers’ Forgotten Ally ” by Dennis Deletant , ” Romanian SSI  &  OSS Files ” by Frank Wisner , “Operation Ranji ”  , ” From Hitler’s Doorsteep ” by Neal H Petersen, ” OSS”  by Richard Harris Smith , “Operatives, Spies Saboteurs ”  by P.O’Donnell, “Stalin the Red Tzar ” by S.Montifiore , “The Secret File of J.Stalin ” by R.Brackmann, ” Sharing Secrets with Stalin ” by B.Smith, “Passage to Valhalla ” Vol II ,by Bill Filli  “The Princess &  I ” R.Britt , “DLM und Lufwaffe Mission Bucharest 1941-1944″ by Gen.Gerstenberg , Tzniha Yveret ” by Amos Etinger ,Survivig Holocaust in Romania  ” by  I.Butnaru ” The Black Sunday” by Mike Hill , Russian State Archive OBD , 3 Fold  Archives ,Das Archiv der Deutsche Luftwaffe/ Personen,  Freiburg i.Breisgau , SHAEF  , Yad Vah Shem  Archives, Steven Spielberg Archives , over 277  US, UK and Soviet airmen ex Romania POW’s interviewed by me  ,and 78 other books and many sources  from Romania, Germany, UK and US.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  CHAPTER- I
                                                l  zigani  grp6pc  k

     Vasile –   Romanian Stukistis ?  No way, just a joke and a German WWII mistake even H.U.Rudel laughed about !       

The JU-87   of the Escadrila de Picaj would become the bigest victim of the Soviet fighters during both Iasi-Chisinau campaigns near Vulturul, Podul Iloei , Valea Lupului and Falesti in 1944, 78 out of total of 142  JU-87’s shot down would be Romanian.

Undoubtedly and prior WWII Romania’s military Industrial might may have had his good moments here and there you could find old and bold pilots, though in WWII this Royal flying circus was one of the less superior and efficient Axis wings which retreated from Stalingrad first , not even the Italian and Spanish squadrons evacuated Stalingrad at the pace of our friends from Bucharest .

A (7) 887671_original 887917_original pauker  BADGE 2NDRIGHT

WWI is finished but far from over , that’s what led to WWII  . Nazism and Communism, one and the same repression’s tool.

The red  tyrans 1937 ,from left to right Kalinin, Molotov,the Tyran, Voroschilov,Kaganovitch, Yezov , Migokyan

    jerks  gipsies gipsy soldier                        

Those Romanian never said Heil to Hitler , was just a physical reflex and a Jewish Bolshevik accusation.

My parents described me the ethnic cleansing in Romania during WWII against  Jews, Russians ,Hungarians and minority whose single fault was not to be a Romanian or a German arian  !   Secondly I don’t think that the Romanians are gypsies even though many of them look and behave like,  gypsies didn’t commit any war atrocities in WWII in fact were victims too . US, NATO and Europeans haven’t learned a thing from their previous conflict fields since 1936 and time again kept repeating their mistakes.  While US and Europeans seems to be close to  a total ecconomical eclipse , by now the Russians and Chinese are taking the lead and thanks to our faulty leaders . The nostalgic Fascist views of the Romanians in 2013, are mainly attributed o the fact that this new generation of idiots never saw a war and lived war atrocities , didn’t lose their loved ones to a bunch of mad dogs and derailed by own convictions that the West didn’t give their decadent society enough gifts . Their society rapidly transitioned  from Communist poverty into Capitalist poverty mob, Net fraud, crime and prostitution gangs and like in WWII, the Jews and other Romanian minorities seems again to are to carry the guilt for their national problems rather blame themselves . Antonescu’s ghost haunt them now and they believe that would be the solution for their national  problems. Recently Romania started military and commercial intelligence against their former Ally Russia.  I really can’t understand such history ignorants and the arrogance by  again underestimating a huge Nation as Russia. An other case totally irrational , is for OSS to use the Fascist Codreanu to infiltrate saboteurs in the Communist Romania by parachuting them from Italy  in the 50’s , attempts which all ended with execution of the cells. Hitler really didn’t care much about Romania interests rather used Romania for his war machinery needs , however many Romanians cared about Hitler’s and Axis murderous war plans and as long as they could also make profit out of it for themselves. I also want to honor the very  few intellectuals who recognized the disaster Antonescu and his regime brought upon them and their country and who opposed the evil nazis and the Romanian fascists . Though these people were a minority. Also to honor is the currage of the Romanian Army who fought hand in hand with the Soviets to kick the Germans out of Hungaria and Czech Republic and those Romanian soldiers who put their lives on the line against the Nazis.

By no means , this research would spares the bloody  Stalin and his NKVD,GRU & NKGB  repression system which exterminated as much as 20 Million Russian citizen and produced  the largest slavery work force in the modern history.  Due to the repressions adressed at the Soviet population and Red Army leadership commenced in 1937 by Stalin, the Soviet Armed Forces except the Odessa Military District was not combat ready by June 22,1941.     In one ocassion Hitler complemented Stalin , as the best instrument to opress and conquere Russia. Stalin despite his pas as a Tzsarist agent a former Hitler Ally and the one who was ressponsible for the Soviet Army disaster in 1941 further remained in power. As Hitler wrote in “Mein Kampf ” the bigger the lie the more people will believe it.

When realising that Romania was on the loser’s side and by the end of  Stalingrad , Cherkasya and Kursk offensives , the war criminal Antonescu , tried to quickly  switch sides and convince the Allies with good will gestures such as protecting Romanian Jews from new pogroms  and by letting some to immigrate to Palestine ( not before heavily cashing from them) and by not transffering captured foreign agents of SOI , OSS hopping for a good life after German capitulation . The story with Antonescu trying to save the national gold reserves from the Russians or that he acted herroically during his Russian detention and the folowing war trial in Romania , are pure lies fabricated by the Romanians.  Up to the last moment he hoopped on vindication. If  any doubts on my statements  , suggest  reading ” Operation Autonomous ” by Ivore Porter a British SOI agent in Romania detained by the SSI or simply view  your fellow Romanian Col.Dr.Otu on Youtube 15 chapters about Romania in WWII.  By the way , Antonescu last moment side switching trick,  was also later instrumental also by Himmler’s negotiations  with the Brits and Goering with the Yanks, though their tricks didn’t work out  . By 1941 Romanian national reserves were estimated at 11 gold waggons ( 1 Waggon aprox. 10 tons )  mid August 1944 Romanian’s gold reserves  increased to 24 wagons which shows that during the war and by selling oil Romania kept their profits running. Was Romania really suffering from the Germans ? The later developments in Communist Romania of Maurer, Pauker and Dej , this was the price for Romania to join Hitler and attempt occupy to conqure USSR.  Studying the Roman history you will find lots of parallels on their past long before the WWII crimes occurred, but then no communism was involved.  Of course the Stalinists used the defeated Romania for their own needs ,but that was the price to be paid after the surrender …..did Romania expect flowers or Swiss chocolates instead  ?    Other is the guilt question , like in previous wars and like in every human conflict field there’s a collective guilt spin which dragging the inoccents into the same vortex .


Complicity only second to Nazis !


What the Romanians said in the past and present is very hard to distinguish between fact and fiction ( Lt.Commander Frank Wissner , Romania Strategic Studies, OSS Operative Romania 1944-1945 ) The Romanians willingly not recognizing  their  World War II genocidal actions against Ethnics ,Jews,Russians,Hungarians  and been cited by various institutions overseas for a call for an apology and the urging of the Romanian government to take constructive measures such as engaging in Holocaust education and constructing memorials.   Typically unpublicized, next to the Nazis Romania was responsible for the deaths of more Jews during the Holocaust than any other German-allied country.    During World War II, the Nazi-allied Romanian government was complicit in the murder of approximately 400,000 Jews, both on Romanian soil and in villages and forests throughout Ukraine and Moldova and at least 150’000 Russian citizens in Crimea and Stalingrad. Furthermore, the Romanian government has been very slow to accept responsibility for its actions during the WWII and the  Holocaust to  acknowledge and apologize for the country’s past nor paid with their oil money compensations to the affected. The result was a tragedy for the Jews of Romania who consequently suffered inexplicable evils at the hands of their own countrymen and neighbors. In 1941, in one (of many) pogroms alone, 15,000 Jews perished in the city of Iasi. The horrific act was carried out by squads of Romanian soldiers and policemen. The Jews also suffered regularly from violent mobs in what amounted to state-sponsored genocide.  The brutality of the Romanians extended beyond its borders and into Ukraine where many Jews fell victim to German-controlled Romanian forces. Until today there remain serious distortions of history regarding Romania’s role in WWII and more specifically the Holocaust. In recent years, only following significant international pressure, did the Romanian government agree to create a panel of historians to investigate their nation’s actions during the Holocaust.

As late as 2003, the leftist government in Bucharest ,denied a Holocaust had taken place on its territory, prompting a diplomatic row with Israel and forcing the creation of an international commission of experts to study the EU candidate’s Nazi past.The commission revealed that up to 380,000 Romanian and Ukrainian Jews were killed by Romanian civilian and military authorities. Many were slaughtered in pogroms, murdered in forced labor camps or death trains. Another 135,000 Jews living in the Transylvania and 11,000 Roma were killed.
Romania, led by pro-Nazi Marshal Ion Antonescu became an ally of Germany in 1940 when it turned into Adolf Hitler’s main operational base in southeastern Europe. But it switched sides shortly before the end of World War II when it became clear the Third Reich’s days were numbered. The commission compiled undeniable evidence that implicated Romanian culpability in the systematic murder of Jews. It also found that Romania bore responsibility for the deaths of more Jews than any other German allied country other than Germany itself.
Being a WWII Aviation historian, this helpped me better understand  Romania’s role in WWII and those who wanna  challenge my stuff , I can assure that also military history is one of my strengths .
At lest 80’000  Red Army officers and soldiers have died due bad treatment in the Romanian Camps at Tiraspol,  Slobozia, Galati, Fierbinti, Cracunesti, Budesti, Calafat, Constanza, Vulcanesti,Corbeni,Feldioara,Vaslui,Maia, Thigina,Bolgrad, Independenza , further more 12’000 Russian POW’s died after the war due to poor conditions in the Romanian POW camps.    Over 18’000 Russian citizen including partizans were executed by the Romanian Army between 1941 -1944  in Crimea, Ukraine, Stalingrad ,Moldova and Bessarbia.  
Gavril Olteanu was a leader of a paramilitary group, part of the Maniu Guards during WWII which became notorious for the killing over 4000 of ethnic Hungarians in Transylvania.
 On 26 September 1944, members of the paramilitary Maniu Guard led by Gavril Olteanu massacred a number of Hungarian civilians in Aita Seacă village, Sândominic, Huedin, Aghireş, and other localities around Transylvania.  At the request of Soviet representatives  on behalf of the Allied Commision in Bucharest led by Lt.Gen.Susaykov and Brig.Gen Vinogradov , the Romanian authorities disbanded the Maniu Guard, arrested Gavril Olteanu, and sentenced him to imprisonment.He died in the prison at Auid in 1950.
Unlike the Allied POW’s the  Russian pilots , airmen and naval officers were mostly sent to German camps out of whom most of POW’s died there or were executed , such as Stalag Luft II Lodj, Stalag Luft-6 Koenigsberg, Offlag-III,  Mauthaussen, Treblinka, Ausschwitz, Buchenwald and Dachau . Few fortunate Russian airmen were allowed to remain in Romania which after Aug 23, 1944 returned to Russia, but mostly sent to Straffbats due their inability to pass NKVD clearings. Alone in KGL  Dachau 33 Soviet pilots would be executed while attempting escape, 18 other in Mathaussen and over 300 pilots would die due bad treatment despite clear Geneva agreements pertinent to airmen.
If you ask a Rumanian about WWII, he or she  will tell you how badly their grand fathers suffered  before  and during WWII from  Russians and later on from the Romanian Communism . The Rumanians of today would also tell you that due to territorial disputes with Russia in 1939-1940 they had no other choice but join the Germans to protect themselves from Stalin . These history revisionists still can’t see it that both Russia and Hungaria received the Romanian soil  through their own political weakness and through  sealed agreements in Berlin  authorised by Hitler rather captured away  from them by each respective party militarily (read below occupation of Bessarabia) . Certainly the Stalinist system was as murderous as the Nazi , and not only other nations suffered from it but also Soviet people and like in the past and always the Jews  would get caught in the middle and suffer both from the Stalinist and  the Hitlerist systems as all times scapegoat.
 Disputed are the “what ifs ” Romania would have fought Stalin rather allow  the occupation of Bessarabia and Northern Bucovina in 194o by the Red Army which just emerged glorious from Khalkin Ghol conflict.   Romania was a weak and torn apart  Nation  , with a King about to abdicate and  no real leadership on any of the political arenas,  that’s why it happened how it happened  then .  The Romanians of today have  selective amnesia and fabricating propganda lies about Fascism and Nazism  when it comes to what Antonescu and his Army  WWII crimes against the  Jewish  popuplation in Rumania , Ukraine and the Russian population wherever they steeped until their surrender.

        zigani  ziganii  ziganii romani   Passanten betrachten deutsches Kriegsspielzeug in einer Schaufenstervitrine

The Romanian  ” Intellectuals  ” of 1942.  Love from first sight ! For those who can’t distinguish the Romanian Army apes, below a better aid.

I am firmly convinced that after Romanian Army capitualtion while turning the weapons against their old friends , this act was simply because they were out of any choices whatsoever.   Brain washed and manipulated  by the higher echelons of the Army such as the Nazi Gen.Avramescu and his gang they have joined the Ukrainian Fronts  to fight against their old brother in arms in Czechoslovakia  and Hungaria. Romanian Army was far from motivated and trust the  new cooperation and was ideologically not fit for the venture. However there is worth to mentioned to Romanians who fought the Nazi evils in Hunagria and Czechoslovakia and put their lives on the line for this goal.


” Return to Innocence” watch this and be the Judge !

 ropnc            ( Romanian selective Amnesia)                    ropnc

More than half Million people were murdered and died due to the Fascist & Nazist Romanian Army activities in WWII , their graves are spread all over Eastern Europe and yet the Romanians haven’t paid for their war crimes , it’s self defeating to help and team up with the Romanians today , for they will defraud your nation and misuse the help and assistance.  US, Israel, NATO are a few victims of this .

legionari legionari1 legionari3 legionari5 legionari4 legionari6 mihaihitl  mihai  mihai the brave  mihailhailL  2BASTARDS  b  maantonescu  anto  maresalul-antonescu-si-maresalul-von-manstein-pe-frontul-de-est  person_antonescu3    1 (2)  post 2  antonescu-la-roma BASTARDS  F-II390F17  1211  a (4)  a (3)  antonescu-si-mussolini  odessa 7  academia  romania ganove   ASSHOLES    TWO BASTARDS  8  Codreanu2  Codreanuz7  Codreanu5  odessa6   Codreanu3  Codreanu  odessa2   richtoffen antonescu  sevastopol (2)   Codreanuz a   Codreanuz9  Codreanuz8  odessa  antonescu  odessa  keitel  bastard romanias7  antonescu_hitler  sevastopol  gerstenberg  carinhall-e28093-13-februarie-1942bastards  BASTARDSgipsy romanianjbastard romanias711  646x404  Joachim von Ribbentrop und Ion Antonescu  ANTONESCU BASTARD  TWO BASTARDS  ZIGAN MIHAI   zigani12  bastard romanias71  ANTONESCU JG77  ROMANESTI BASTARD  ANTONESCU SS  antn2  anton  gipsy romanianjl   gipsy romanian   bastard romanias711e     zigani  friends 646x404   018-блог friends  gen  a  sevastopol  romani  CODREANU  transee_cotul_donului_oct42_l  Lt_005 Români Front Estcolor ?????????????????????????????  mihai  stalingrad-4-octombrie-19421Burnaia_Serbanescu  F_1938  moldova-8-iulie-1944  dd  gg  rom-krim  ass  1942    asses  ?????????????????????????  soldati_romani_1  Rückzug nach Ungarn, Transport   1 (2)  1 (3)  1 (1)  defilare_legionara  germani_41_02   S  b     1941  tt  Russland-Süd, deutsche und rumänische Offiziere  leu_romanescu_M1  c   bastards  Untitled  Regele-MIhai-nemti  antonescu  ricevimento  3 nazis shopping Rumänien, NSDAP-Männer mit Geschenken 2   arad2  rum 2  u e camion 1 41to  JUNKS SIMFEROPOL ww romanian_officers  schneider_usatovo zigani a    zigani2  zigani1 zigani4  zigani 5  lmg_sablokova engineers zigani 3 colbalanescuikotelnikov    l pilot_observator_M1 galeno_francisc_cdor_av_M1 d3629_faranume_M1  1._Deschidere Vara1_0 Untitled Untitled1 Untitled11 l (1) a (1) a (2) A (2) A (3) A (4) A (5) A (6) A (8) A (9) A (10) A (11) A (12) A (13) A (14) A (15) A (16) A (17) A (18) A (19) A (20) A (21) A (22) A (23) A (24) A (25) A (27) A (26) A (28)

Romanestis  SS &  SD  Volunteer Corps  1941-1944

arthur_phelps  foto-12 Phleps Artur-Phleps 951674_600

The Romanian beast  & clown  , Army  General  and later SS Obergruppenfuehrer Arthur Phleps switch of corporate identity ( Roumanian, German, Bosnian-German )

This bastard was the commander of SS Eugen Mountain Division ,captured executed near Arad Romania along with few of his subordinates on September 21, 1944 after being captured by an advanced recon unit of the Red Army. His remains were burned and spread. The unit which captured him was awarded Suvorov Order.    This bastard was responsible for the death of at least  137’000 human beings. There are rumours he was a Homosexual.

The Romanian War Criminal and Doctor ” Death ” Fritz Klein

grossrosen12  beast  dirty roman  f klein POLAND-HOLOCAUST-WWII-CONCENTRATION CAMP-AUSCHWITZ

Above : the  Romanian  beast  and “Volksdeutsche ” Fritz Klein , Auschwitz Death Doctor,hangged by the Brits .

SS Doctors    34808   caspesius  Capesius2AuschwitzRampebeschriftet

Above photos :  Romanian beast and SS Death Doctor Victor Capesius who escaped punishment

After the start of WWII in 1939, Capesius joined the Romanian army and rose to the rank of captain while serving at a military hospital’s pharmacy. As an ethnic German, Capesius moved to the Waffen-SS after Romania joined the Axis powers in 1940.After training at the SS-Zentrale Sanitäranlage (Central Sanitary Facility) in Warsaw, he was sent to Dachau Concentration Camp in September 1943; he worked there until his subsequent transfer to Auschwitz Concentration Camp in February 1944. In Auschwitz, he acted as the attending KZ-Apotheker (pharmacist) until the camp was evacuated in January 1945.  Capesius worked closely with Josef Mengele and together they were heavily involved in the selection of inmates for the gas chamber . In Auschwitz, he had risen to the rank of SS-Sturmbannführer, in November 1944, and was in charge and control of the chemicals used in the extermination of the Jews, such as phenol and Zyklon B. This, it should be noted, was during the mass murder of almost 400,000 Hungarian Jews.

The strange fate of Lt.Cdr. de Aviatie Mihail (Leu ) Romanescu ( he wasn’t General Maior )

I seek more information from any WWII expert on Gen.Mihail (Leu) Romanescu  who was during WWII commander of ARR 1st Fighter Fleet and 7th Fighter Group.   There is little information and photos on this interesting General and pilot.  On which front was he dispatched in WWII ? are there any photos from the front ? I didn’t see him much on any of the ” Adler ” Romania magazines , nor anywhere else. There is very little known about this person.

Are there any post WWII photos of him and is it true that he was executed in 1952 at Jilava prison allegedly due to contacts to US and British mission  in Bucharest ? where is he buried ?


The strange trial outcome of the Luftwaffe General Oberst Alexander Löhr IV Luftlotte

Alexander_Löhr_ohne_Rand  lohr alexander generalobrst1 _ 1aElite Parade - 12-31 a(2) alexloehr1  alexander loehr Russland, Generäle Löhr und W. v. Richthofen  loehr1 PIC_2-499

Guided by over professionalism, wrong patriotism and stupidity, Luftwaffe Gen.Obt. Alexander Loehr executed by Tito

That’s a more complicate subject . First of do I think that Loehr was a Nazi, an NSDAP pupet like many of the Lufwaffe pilots and higher echelons were ?   was he responssible for life loss and damage of property and did he persecuted ethnics while himself was of a Romanian and mixed  origin between 1941 – 1944  ?   the answers are a full yes !  Was he then alone reponssible for bombing of Belgrade  and war atrocities in Romania, Yugoslavia and Estern Front against ethnics under his command ?  Was he an SS member  or member of the Eichmann staff  ?  In my  humble  opinion not and he wasn’t  Goering ,Antonescu neither Himmler .  As such, I consider Tito’s show trial and capital punishment by hanging as totally unfair in comparison with the other SS,Whermacht and Luftwaffe members who remmained unscaved or mildly  punished in the post WWII era by the Allies such as G.Rall, Desloch, Rudel, Hraback,Gerstenberg etc .  I therefore determined his fate as a pure case of running out of luck . In my opinion a 15 years prison sentence would have been more suited for Loehr rather than being hangged and singled  out after a show trial by Tito who was famous at that time for such nonsense trial such as this of Draja Mihailovic who saved over 550 US Airmen (The Forgotten 500).  Later on Tito himself distanced from the verdict. The order for bombing Belgrade with incendiary bombs was issued by Goering and Keittel and trasnmitted to Loehr for execution. Löhr was born in Turnul Severin, Romania to the family of a naval captain from Mainz and a nurse of  Russian  descent. His parents raised him in the Greek uniate  faith.  Löhr served as platoon commander  of a Pioneer battalion in the  of the Austro Hungarian army in WWI. By 1921 Löhr had reached the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel . Between 1921 and 1934 he held many staff positions in the military, including Director of Air Force in the Federal Army. In 1934, he was made Commander of the small Austrian Air Force, a position which he held until the Anschluss in 1938 and above is seen wearing Austrian Luftwaffe uniform and pilot badge. On 15 March 1938, Löhr was transferred to the German Luftwaffe  where he became commander of the German Air Force in Austria. By then he had been promoted to Lt.General. He was commander of IV Luftflotte in the East from May 1939 until June 1942. Luftflotte 4 carried out the bombing of Warschau in September 1939 and of Belgrad in April 1941. Löhr had developed a plan to bomb Belgrad with incendiary bombs first, that the fires help the nightly second attack to find the targets. This costs thousands of people their lives.  He was promoted to General Oberst effective 3 May 1941. Löhr commanded the 12 Army from July 12, 1942 through to December 1942. From 1 January to 23 August 1943, Löhr was CO of the Army South East. He was also the Commander-in-Chief of Army Group East from 1 January up to the end of the war. As Commander-in-Chief of Army Group E, Löhr oversaw the successful Dodecanese campaign. He surrendered on 9 May 1945 to Ttito’s Partisans near Maribor to the British Army which delivered him later on to the Tito partisans. He was just 72 march hours from Kaernet ,Austria when captured. Löhr was imprisoned by the Yugoslavs from 15 May 1945 to 26 February 1947. He was found guilty of war crimes, and executed on 26 February 1947. Specifically, Lohr was executed by hanging and not by a firing squad as published elsewhere  in Belgrade  for his role as the commander of the Luftwaffe units involved in the bombings of Belgrade .He refused to plead guilty and to sign a request for mercy which may have spared  his life.

About 12,000 Romanians wore the uniform of Waffen SS troops, having the (Romanian) tricolour on their sleeve.

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nazis shopping  Rumänien, NSDAP-Männer mit Geschenken  4  08-105-1post-6-1107809502

A Romanian division kept up under the leadership of the celebrated Otto Skorzeny, fought until the last moment against Soviet troops, agreeing that they should surrender only to the special commandos of the Allied forces formed by Romanians. In the time of the greatest worldwide conflagrations, a large number of Romanian citizens, of Romanian or German nationality fought as volunteers in other armies, in the forefront of the Wehrmacht and in the Red Army. Yet, from its beginning, the SS (Schutzstaffel, “Headquarters Protection”) was a paramilitary formation organised in sections, companies, squadrons and regiments. Subsequently, alongside these formations, were created Waffen SS units. Within these units Romanian citizens, Romanians as well as ethnic Germans, who enlisted voluntarily, also participated. Until the summer of the year 1944, with the exception of the Saxons, Romanians did not serve in Germany military units but actively participated and orchestrated atrocities against ethnics and Red Army in Romania and Russian . About 75,000 Romanian Saxons wore German uniform After the occupation of Yugoslavia and the transfer of Serbian Banat to German administration, the leaders of the German communities suggested that volunteers within Banat could be more easily persuaded to enlist should an SS unit be created especially for them. Thus the 7th Prinz Eugen Mountain Division was founded in Romania. The commander of this division at the beginning was but Artur Phleps, previously general in the Romanian army, who subsequently became commander of the SS Mountain Corps. As a consequence of the heavy losses suffered by the Germans, on 13 April 1943 Antonescu finally agreed that members of the German community could enlist in the German armed forces. Up until the end of 1943, more than 60,000 German youths enlisted in Waffen SS units and approximately 15,000 in the Wehrmacht and the Organization Todt.

Never understood what these idiots had against the gipsies and homosexuals, the photos beneath point out their own roots and attractions .

images  gipsy a  dirtromani gips dirtromanesti057_faranume_M1  piloti_1_M1

The ” well ” trained Romanestis and their secret arsenal of WWII

MONEKY monk assholes (2) assholes  fukromanesti BASTARDSmonkeys

Last photo right :   Fritz the Kraut and Ion the Ziganu guarding  the Romanian Royals  in 1941

A DEATH TRAP CALLED ODESSA (Bravo Comrade Ivan ! )


The Ukrainian city of Odessa was subjected to German aerial bombing on the very first day of the Axis invasion in Jun 1941. On 8 Aug 1941, the Romanian General Staff issued Directive No. 31 calling for the capture of Odessa and the defeat of Soviet forces between the Dniester River and the Tiligulskiy Estuary. Surrounded on three sides, it was originally thought by the Axis leadership that Odessa would fall quickly, but the Soviet Black Sea Fleet was able to transport reinforcements and supplies into the city, preventing the city from being truly enveloped and blunting the first offensive. The second Axis offensive began on 16 Aug, seeing initial success in the first few days, but by 24 Aug, heavy casualties forced the attacks to pause for a few days. On 15 Sep, Soviet troops began to fall back to the southeast toward the city, and on the following day Romanian troops captured the heights northwest of the Gross-Liebenthal district of Odessa. In early Oct 1941 , Soviet leadership in Moscow had decided to evacuate Odessa and instead deploy its defenders to protect other areas of the Soviet Union. Through the first two weeks of Oct 1941, the Black Sea Fleet evacuated 121,000 troops and civilians, 1,000 trucks, and 20,000 tons of ammunition; meanwhile, anything that could not be evacuated was sabotaged by the Soviets to prevent Axis use. The evacuation was complete in the evening of 15 Oct, and on the following day Romanian troops entered the city. In the battle for Odessa, the Romanians suffered 17,729 killed, 63,345 wounded, and 11,471 missing. The Soviets suffered 16,578 killed and missing and 24,690 wounded. To Soviets continue to attack Romania from Sevastopol till end of October 1941 and again in 1943 from Krasnodar. In 1944 the German Lufwaffe bases in Crimea suffered massive attacks by the Soviets and they started to redeploy the units to Romania.

Watch  my Youtube presentations and listen to  Red Army Coir melodies  Katiusha,Moscow in May  and Vasya Vasyliok original 1942 ….these were the people the Krauts and Romanians thought to beat !

Odessa was to be occupied by German and Romanian forces until April 1944. During the occupation, approximately 280,000 citizens, mostly Jews, were massacred or deported while the Romanestis carried out most of the genocides with a pretext or an other . After liberation, Odessa was among the first four Russian cities to receive the honor Hero City in 1945.  On June 13,1946  Marshall Jukov was repimanded by Staling and appointed as Commander Of Odessa Military District . Odessa remained one of the most glorious cities during the WWII and many movies were produced in rememberance of her heros.


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Romanestis  entering Odessa in October 1941 , first time and last time and……….

S H H2 II III antitank  oo Учеба Севаст. 1934-35 cimitir   19_aug_1941Kapaclievasute_de_raniti_au_trecut_ai_prin_ambulanta  _Potentiala_deschidere_20  2._Morti_A1421_27 l (2)

……….   for 95’000 of them certainly their last station in life.

могилы румын

Romanian Army Hdq. incident Oct.22,1941  or,

Antonescu’s antisemitic war crime conspiracy, a faked Romanian story

Blaming the Jews for a bomb which detonated in their Hdq.on Oct.22,1941  eventhough SSI ( their intel ) knew that there was no Jewish involvement ,the Romanian troops began reprisals the same evening. By noon of the  October 23, 1941  5,000 civilians had been seized and shot, most of them Jews. On the morning of October 23, over 19,000 Jews were assembled in nine gunpowder warehouses at the port, and summarily shot, after which the warehouses were set on fire. Some of the prisoners were burned alive.   In fact the detonation at that Rumanian Hdq. had absolutely nothing to do with the Jews !   The silly Romanians elected their Hdq. exactly on the previous NKVD State Security building of the Soviets ignoring heds up froma Ukrainian woman who told them that her son worked before in team setting explosives on building’s bassement.   While retreating from Odessa , the Red Army has left on the bulding’s base well hidden charges , a method  practiced by Soviets elsewhere in major cities upon their retreat.  Romanian Army didn’t bother to thorougly search the building while taking possesion.

 Use Google Translator to translate the messages of Romanian Army HDQ’s  regarding repressions of Jews and Russian citizens in  Odessa in 1941

Atentatul terorist şi represiunea

Alături de înfruntările militare extrem de dure, specifice războiului clasic, acţiunile militare de la Odessa au relevat prezenţa în luptă a partizanilor şi a unei vaste reţele de catacombe pe întreaga suprafaţă a oraşului (75 Kmp), în care s-au refugiat, după ocuparea localităţii numeroşi partizani, agenţi NKVD, comunişti fanatici şi alte elemente subversive care au organizat şi executat numerose acţiuni agresive asupra militarilor români. În acest context a avut loc, în după-amiaza zilei de 22 octombrie 1941, un atentat terorist, clădirea în care se instalase Comandamentul militar al Odessei fiind aruncată în aer în urma unei explozii ai căror autori au rămas necunoscuţi. Explozia a provocat pierderea a 135 militari (79 ucişi – între care şi comandantul Diviziei 10 infanterie, generalul Ioan Glogojanu, 43 răniţi şi 13 dispăruţi), majoritatea români. Impactul emoţional a fost extrem de puternic.  ( my remarks :  The Romanestis after occupying and burning an other country , bitching at the Russian for having conducted insurgent actions against Romanian Army. What did they expect ?  If I was a Russian I would burned every Romanian Army post and executed every Romanian soldier 1: 1 for every Jew and Russian killed by the Gipsies )

 Considerând că explozia a fost provocată de comunişti evrei, mareşalul  Ion Antonescu a ordonat (seara, la orele 22,10), ,,să se ia drastice  măsuri  de represalii”.  Ca urmare, în zilele următoare în Odessa au fost efectuate  execuţii (prin împuşcare şi spânzurare) în cursul cărora au fost ucise, conform raportului întocmit de generalul Nicolae Macici la 25 octombrie 1941, peste 13 000 de persoane și spânzurate peste 400.  Înaintea de execuție li s-a citit următorul text: ,,Pentru că voi, comunişti şi jidani, aţi aruncat în aer comandamentul român aflat în localul NKVD, omorând un general şi mai mulţi ofiţeri români, pentru că sunteţi bolşevici care aţi adus în stare de robie un  întreg neam, pentru că aţi luptat neloial contra românilor, omorând şi schingiuind ofiţeri şi trupă căzuţi în mâinile voastre, răniţi sau vii, pentru că astăzi, îmbrăcaţi în haine civile continuaţi a atenta la viaţa ostaşilor români veniţi cu gând paşnic la voi, sunteţi condamnaţi la moarte prin împuşcare. Execuţia are loc imediat”.

În continuare, prezint cîteva aspecte ale acelor tragice evenimente, rezutate din documentele de arhivă românești.

22 octombrie 1941, orele 17,45. În şediul Comandamentului militar român din Odessa (fostă clădire a G.P.U. de pe str. Engleză) are loc o explozie, cu caracter terorist, provocată de  persoane rămase necunoscute. Rezultă 135 morți, răniți și disăpăruți, dintre care 128 români și 7 germani. Între cei 73 morţi români s-a aflat și  generalul Ioan Glogojanu, comandantul Diviziei 10 infanterie

22 octombrie 1941, orele 22,10. Colonelul Radu Davidescu, șeful Cabinetului militar al generalului Ion Antonescu, transmite Armatei 4 (prin telegrama nr. 561) ordinul lui Ion Antonescu: ,,Să se ia drastice măsuri de represalii”.

22 octombrie 1941, orele 23,25. Generalul Iosif Iacobici, comandantul Armatei 4,  trece la îndeplinirea ordinului și raportează: ,,Ca represalii și pentru a se da un exemplu populației s-au luat măsuri a spânzura în piţele publice un număr de evrei şi comunişti suspecţi”.

 23 octombrie 1941, orele 3.   Generalul Constantin Trestioreanu, comandantul secund al Diviziei 10 infanterie, convoacă pe comandanții de regimente și le ordonă ,,să execute fiecare regiment 100 de evrei prin împușcare și spânzurare, drept represalii”. La rându-le, comandanţii de regimente ordonă comandanţilor de batalioane ,,să execute prin spânzurătoare şi împuşcare 35 evrei comunişti, care vor rămâne pe locul execuţiei în văzul tuturor trecătorilor până seara”.

23 octombrie 1941, orele 6, 30.  La comandamentul Militar al Odessei sosește generalul Nicolae Macici, comandantul Corpului 2 armată, care ,,de îndată a început să se informeze şi să avizeze la măsuri”, după cum raporta, o oră şi jumătate mai târziu, generalul Ion Stănculescu, subșeful de stat major al Armatei 4, trimis și el de curând la Odessa.

23 octombrie 1941, orele 11. Comandanţii de batalioane raportează de executare, după ce controlează situaţia de pe teren. Conform unei Note, nedatată şi nesemnată, Regimentul 23 infanterie a executat 102 evrei, Regimentul 33 infanterie – 85 de evrei, Regimentul 38 infanterie – 100 evrei şi Regimentul 3 artilerie – 130 evrei.

23 octombrie 1941, orele 11,30. Colonelul Stănculescu raportează  generalului  Nicolae Tătăranu, şeful de stat major al Armatei 4:  ,,Represiunea s-a executat în interiorul oraşului prin împuşcare şi spânzurătoare şi afişarea unei plancarde pentru prevenirea tuturor celor ce se vor deda la acte teroriste, iar executarea evreilor din ghetouri este în curs pentru efectivul raportat”.

23 octombrie 1941, orele 12, 30.  Colonelul Radu Davidescu transmite Armatei 4  telgrama nr. 562 prin care  face cunoscut că Ion Antonescu a ordonat ,,să se treacă la reepresalii masive, astfel: a) Pentru fiecare ofițer român sau german mort în urma exploziei vor fi executați 200 de ccomuniști; peentru fiecare soldat mort, câte 100 de comuniști; execuțiile vor avea lor în cursul zilei de astăzi. b) Toți comuniștii din Odessa vor fi luați ostatici; de asemenea câte un membru din fiecare familie evreiască. Li se va aduce la cunoștință represiunile ordonate ca urmare a actului terorist săvârșit și li se pune în vedere lor și familiilor lor că la un al doilea act asemănător vor fi toți executați. c) Măsurle luate vor fi date publicității și afișate în Odessa și împrejurimi chiar în cursul zilei de azi”.

23 octombrie 1941, orele 14,30. Generalul Ion Stănculescu raportează generalului Nicolae Tătăranu scoaterea de sub dărâmături, la ora 13, a cadavrului generalului Ioan Glogojanu şi faptul că ,,se continuă şi s-au luat măsurile toate pentru ca cifra de evrei raportată să fie complet realizată”.

23 octombrie 1941, orele 16,45. La scurt timp după primirea telegramei nr. 562, generalul Iosif Iacobici, comandantul Armatei 4,  emite ordinul nr.  302 858, către Divizia 10 infanterie, cu menţinea expresă ,,Pentru domnul general Macici”, prin care  făcea cunoscut conţinutul telegramei menţionate, şi cerea să se ia ,,măsuri pentru întocmai executare, raportând armatei măsurile luate chiar astă seară”.

23 octombrie 1941, orele 19,15. Întors de la comandamentul Diviziei 10 infanterie, comandanntul Regimentului 23 infanterie ordonă comandanților de batalioane: ,,Toți cei executați vor fi îngropați în această noapte, în afara orașului, astfel ca până dimineața să nu mai existe nici un cadavru pe străzi… Nu vor mai fi executați decât cei prinși asupra faptului”.

23 octombrie 1944. Comandamentul Militar Odessa, Serviciul Pretoral, afişază pe străzi următoarea Publicaţiune: ,,Se aduce la cunoştinţa populaţiei oraşului Odessa şi împrejurimi că în urma actului de terorism săvârşit asupra Comandamentului militar al Odessei, în ziua de 23 octombrie 1941 au fost executaţi pentru fiecare ofiţer şi funcţionar civil german sau român, câte 200 comunişti, iar pentru fiecare soldat german sau român câte 100 comunişti. S-au luat ostatici care la repetarea de asemenea acte teroriste vor fi toţi executaţi împreună cu familiile lor”.

24 octombrie 1941. Colonelul Radu Davidescu transmite generalului Nicolae Macici un nou ordin de represalii (telegrama nr. 563) din partea lui Ion Antonescu, cu următorul conținut: ,,Ca represalii, domnul mareșal ordonă : 1) Execcutarea tuturor evreilor refugiați la Odessa. 2) Toți indivizii care intră în prevederile ordinului nr. 3 161/302 858/23 octombrie 1941, încă neeexecutați și alții ce vor mai f adăugați, vor fi băgați într-o clădire în prealabil minată și care se va arunca în aer. Aceasta se va face în ziua înmormântării victimelor noastre. 3) Acest ordin se va distruge după citirea lui”.

25 octombrie 1941. Generalul Nicolae Macici raportează: ,,IV. Represalii aplicate la Odessa. Executaţi peste 13 000, în mare majoritate evrei şi comunişti terorişti din Odessa, în zilele de 23 şi 24 octombrie, împuşcaţi în masă în localul ghetoului, în şanţurile anticar din apropiere sau individual. Peste patru sute au fost spânzuraţi (pe străzi şi în pieţe), conform ordinului telegrafic al Armatei 4 nr. 302 858/1941. Execuţia în 25 octombrie a altor comunişti şi evrei şi a celor care au însoţit trupele bolşevice în retragerea lor din Basarabia şi Bucovina, întocmai conform celor ordonate prin telegrama cifrată de mine la Odessa în seara de 24 octombrie. Publicaţii (afişate pe străzile Odessei şi ziare locale scoase prin grija autorităţilor noastre, civile, şi militare, instalate la Odessa) pentru a arăta populaţiei de acolo  măsurile de represalii efectuate represaliile ce se vor aplica în viitor, dacă se maii repetă acte de terorism”. 

Then their training must have been substantially inferior to this of the opponent ,naively believing the enemy would leave them a highly classified State Security building as gift . These charges were activated through radio signals as the testemony of the Romanian officer who survived the explosion describes. According the secret files of the Romanian Army , Marshal Antonescu ordered the Odessa  Jews had to be held accountable for the death of the Romanians killed at the Hdq. because according to him Russia was in Jewish hands at that time and Jews masterminded the detonation ! Antonescu’s orders clearly stated  : for every dead Romanian officer 200 Jews, for every NCO 100 Jews and for every soldier 50 Jews to be executed ,in total  Antonescu figured out exactly 22’500 Jews  to be executed.  That afternoon, over 20,000 were led out of the city in a long column in the direction of the village of Dalnik. When they reached Dalnik, they were tied together in groups of 40-50 people, thrown into an anti-tank trenches and shot other put together in a storage house and burned alive .  So why the dumn Romanian fabricated the story with the Jews ?  Because they were Romanians who always hated Jews ethnics were chauvinists ,perverts and uncultured peasants .

Untitled  So whose fault was it then if not the Jidanii (Jews) ?

The group leader was NKVD/NKGB  Capt. Alexander Molodtzov (allias Paul Badaev ) born June 5, 1911 in Sasovo, now in the Ryazan region in a Ortodox rail worker family a pure Russian. A member of the CPSU  since 1931. With 18 years of age he started his career as as a mechanic. In October 1930, while with the Komsomol came to work on the mine at Bobrik-Don Moscow coal basin, where he worked for about four years. In 1934 he graduated from Technical School at the Moscow Engineering-Economic Institute. Sofar it doesn’t sound Jewish at all does it ? In July 1941, he headed of one of the divisions of political intelligence of NKVD branch at Odessa .Vladimir Molodtsov was then appointed the head of operational intel and sabotage group special ops. When the Soviet troops evacuated Odessa on  October 1941 he was left behind along with a selected team to plot and conduct sabotage and intelligence activities behind enemy lines. By the way Moldtzov worked in the NKVD building before the war (Romanian Hdqq ) and he knew every spot in there. A week before this incident a similar one occurred at the German Army HDQ  in Kiev . Were the Romanians so stupid or so badly trained to ignore this ? On September 12 the agent Paul Badaev (Molodtzov) reported to Moscow NKVD Center which reached Berya’s desk that the cell was by then  fully  operational.  From a Romanian officer captured during the siege of Odessa  on August ’41 , they received info that Romanian Army will place their HDQ at the former NKVD Building at Marazlievskuyu  Street  40/42. The explosives charges were hidden on the NKVD Building by end of August ’41 and spare remote radio controlled detonators were given to Captain 1st Rank I.Petrov Odessa Naval Commander and Colonel Hrenov and Kedrinskov chiefs of Odessa Engineers Corps  .The “well trained  “stupid Romanian Army staff ! Berya has personally approved the action which was transmitted to Mejidurskaya  for Molotzov  through an encrypted radio message received by the insurgents underground catacombes  Hdq. Sofar no one of the team members were Jews or as Jew as Antonescu, while Berya was anything but a Jew. So dumn Romanestis what’s the story with the Jews The on site observation teams consisting of two NKVD agents were instructed by radio to leave the area 30 minutes prior the detonation signal which was set for 18:00 hrs on October 22, 1941 . 3rd photo below depicting Mejidurskaya, Molodtzov and an unknown woman all prisoners at Siguranta Jail Odessa in Feb or March 1942 ( note their body language )  . I sincerely admire their sacrifice and courrage only few nations can compare themself to these Russians. 6th photo from left, are Ploesti originating derailed German tank cars by Molodzov’s team sometime on November 1941. An other German passenger and cargo train was derailed by him and his team near Ratzdelnaya (Odessa) on December 1941.

             1d2a tamara mejigurskaya  gorydienko n 22467_2pl 859_1pl 15200_4pl 12228_5plOdessa_10280800
Above : Moldtzov, Mejidurkskaya, Gorydiennko out of 15 Odessa partizans to be  executed on July 1942 by the Romanian Army. Note the US manufactured car which was used by the higher echelons of the gipsie’s Army  prior WWII.
 5_hrenov5                                                                                              A.F.Hrenov . CO Odessa Engineers Corps
Activities against the Romanian occupiers began October 16, 1941. The Romanian troops were not aware that already in August 1941 preparations were taken by NKVD to mine various installation in Odessa and actived the charges through radio controlled devices . On October 22, 1941 the group of Molodtzov carefully planned and  blew up the Romanian Hdq of General Ion Gologojeanu .
 More than 67 Romanesti officers  and a duzin of Krauts found their death under the rubble of the house.  On February 9,1942 Molotzov was captured by Siguranta (SSI) near Odessa while being tipped by an NKVD traitor informer named Fedorovitch who was under treason suspicion 20 years before this incident during the Cheka era.  Along with Molotzov  also lots of documents and NKVD classified stuff was captured by Siguranta. On their reports to SSI Bucharest, SSI Odessa wrote that Molotzov was a bright , highly skilled and well trained leader who led the operation against the Romanian HDQ of Gen.Gologojeanu in October 1941

 The Romanian military tribunal show trial of Molotzov and his team which lasted till May 29,1942 ended with a death sentence on June 26,1942 for Capt.Molotzov, Sgt.Tamara Mejidurskaya, T.G.Shestakov, Y.Y.Gordinenko,G.N.Shilin , P.I.Millan,S.M.Valkov,N.E.Mazitschenko,P.G.Shevtschenko,M.V Shlliatov,I.E.Bunyakov, P.I.Prodasko ,P.I.Bolonin, none of them were Jewish but pure Ortodox Russians !  Like always the Romanian gipsies fabricated also this story and like always the Jews paid with their blood for something they have really failed to commit. WWII genocides against the Jews were possible because they rarely stuck together and not ready to die for a goal as the Russians did in WWII !

1 When recommended to write a mercy letter to the King of Romania which may have spared his life , Molotzov refused and replied “ We are in our own land and we are not going to ask the enemy who occupied this land for any pardon on our doings “On July 12 1942 Molotzov and Tamara Mejidurskaya along with 12 other insurgents and Red Army personnel were marched from Odessa’s main prison to the Jewish Cemetery of Odessa eventhough none of them were Jewish , executed  and buried on a mass grave . On November 5,1944 Molotzov was awarded for his leadership and bravery the title of Hero of USSR and Mejidurskaya the Red Banner order.   May these brave men and women courrage  and memories be blessed forever and may the Romanestis rotten in hell  for what they did in Odessa, Saki, Nikolaev Sevastopol, Kerch,Stalingrad and USSR in 1941 – 1944.    Irronically and regretfully none of this group members were Jews , for the Jews had a good reason to pay back the dumn Romanian gipsies ! The traitor Fedorovitch was arrested and executed on May 1944 by NKVD /Odessa.
                                          marasl42     generalul-ion-glogojeanu  a.macici_nicolae_col odesa-arrest    117  61 3 (3)
                                                              The  Hdq              Gologojeanu      Repressions against Jews   overfloated Odessa
 Here is the testimony of the single survivor of the Romanian Army massacre of Odessa dated  October  23, 1941  a footage produced by the Romanian Television network.

./.     =================================================================   . /.


Between 1941 and 1944, German and Romanian authorities murdered or caused the deaths of between 150,000 and 250,000 Romanian and Ukrainian Jews in Transnistria.   At least 270,000 Romanian Jews were killed or died from mistreatment but it is important to mention that Jews were not the only minorities targeted by Romanians. Gypsies ( their far relatives)  were also affected by the Holocaust, with twenty six thousand deported, around seven thousand massacred, and another three thousand  were starved to death.  Antonescu and several other officials of the Romanian wartime regime were tried in 1945.     Four of the accused were executed in Romania: Ion Antonescu, Mihai Antonescu, C. Z. Vasiliu, and Gheorghe Alexianu. In dozens of cases civil servants and high-ranking officers had death sentences commuted. However, most Romanian perpetrators were never brought to justice.  Their motion picture “Oglinda ”  produced early 90’s  was one of their numerous nostalgic history revisionist attempts to purify Antonescu’s war crimes, and create him a new national image . An inefficient Romanian bureaucracy fraught with internal and external interventions, as well as the unfavorable turn of the war were all factors that inevitably contributed to the cancellation of the plans to murder more Jews from Moldavia and Walachia by the Romanian Army in WWII . The Soviet army overran most of Transnistria in the spring of 1944 and Bessarabia was conquered in the first weeks of the Iasi – Kishinew  summer offensive.  Thanks to many of Stalin’s wrong assesments about Romania , many of their grand fathers got away with their WWII war crimes and hidden well under the communist regime in the post WWII era , thus escaping  capital punishments in contrary to their brother in arms who ended up on front of war tribunals. As such , Romanian fascism is by now on rebirth and a great part of the population advocate antisemitism , anti Russian and anti US doctrines. The US military and political attaches in Bucharest must be a sleep to believe that Romania is one of their allies .  The Putin’s administration  heavily protested to Bucharest about Antonescu remains being excavated by the current mob Romanian Government. Today the Romanestis  will tell you that their grand fathers hated the Germans, though the photographs posted below prove the contrary. King Michael, the future  recepient of Pobeda Order ,  is seen saluting with the famous Hitler Gruss first as a  teen  and later as King .  Yes of course , the poor Romanian citizens had nothing to do with these crimes of their grand fathers  .  They were innocent and deeply suffering from the Bolsheviks , Jews and Allied bombings  . Like in every history , here and there you could find a few  intellectuals  objecting the crimes.  It’s  historically not correct to adopt the statements of some ex Romania  US POW’s  about their good treatment. The overall picture was then shaddy, they were easely blinded by the better treatment of their hosts in comparisons to other Axis countries, these airmen such as John McKormck didn’t really have the chance to see what these Romanians were actualy doing in Romania and Russia since  war begin on June 1941.


3rd Reich’s Iron Crosses awarded to Romanian Generals for “innocence ” in WWII

AVRAMESCU Copy of Manoliu Gheorghe l (2) g  s pig ????????????????????????? lt_005 dragalina radulescu7eq pd original1 image009 Copy of Răscănescu, Gheorghe  Copy of Macellariu Horia Copy of Racoviţă, Ioan Mihail Copy of Tătăranu Nicolae Ioan Dumitrache Ionescu, Emanoil  1

Take a good look at these ugly and disgussing Romanian apes of WWII , though make sure you are not about to have a meal . The bastards were responssible for half million deaths in Eastern Europe most of which were Russians, Jews, Hungarians and ethnics etc. Most of the them were hidding under the communist regime of Romania in the post WWII escaping a war tribunal and capital punishments. Romania of 2013 is proud of them now !

                                                       And the NCO’s weren’t  any better than the officers after all they were Romanians too
                                                                               BASTARDS Кавалеры ЕК  07
 Maresal (Army Marshal) Ion Antonescu: 6th August 1941 As Commander in Chief of the Royal Romanian Armed Forces, Antonescu ostensibly received his Ritterkreuz in recognition for his leadership of the Romanian troops during the initial stages of the Russian campaign. General de armata (General) Petre Dumitrescu: ?? 1941 Dumitrescu, perhaps Romania’s most senior and able commander after Antonescu, was awarded the Ritterkreuz for leading the Romanian 3rd Army in its successful summer campaign against Soviet forces in 1941.

General de corp de armata (Lieutenant General) Corneliu Dragalina: ?? 1941

Dragalina commanded the 3rd Army’s VI Corps, often in the vanguard of the Royal Romanian Army’s advance into southern Russia during the summer of 1941. His Ritterkreuz appears to have been awarded simultaneously with Dumitrescu’s.

General Mihai Lascar: 18th January 1942

Perhaps one of Romania’s most noted Generals, Lascar won his Ritterkreuz for leading the 1st Mountain Brigade to victory during the Crimean campaign. Promoted to command a division, Lascar added Oak Leaves to his award during the Battle of Stalingrad due to a heroic, if ultimately disastrous, defense against Soviet attacks. Captured at the end of November 1942, Lascar spent three years as a POW before resurfacing in command of a Soviet-sponsored division of pro-Allied Romanians in 1945.

General de divizie (Major General) Gheorghe Manoiliu: ?? June 1942

Manoiliu commanded the 4th Mountain Division, which under his leadership cleared Soviet defenses at Balaclava in the Crimea, taking over ten thousand prisoners including virtually the entire Soviet 109th Rifle Division.

General de brigada (Brigadier General) Ion Dumitrache: 2nd November 1942

Dumitrache commanded the Romanian 2nd Mountain Division, which captured the Soviet town of Nalchik in the Caucasus, the farthest, or most southern, Axis advance on the Eastern Front; he also received a promotion to the rank of General de divizie or Major General shortly afterwards.

Major Gheorghe Rasconescu: ?? December 1942

Rasconescu was a battalion commander in the 15th Dorobanti [infantry] Regiment of the 6th Infantry Division. His was the only Romanian formation of Lascar’s embattled group to escape Soviet encirclement during the Battle of Stalingrad. From 26th November until 3rd December 1942 Rasconescu’s battalion prevented the Soviet 8th Cavalry Corps from capturing the vital German airfield at Oblivkavia, a heroic stand against overwhelming odds which earned this very junior officer a Ritterkreuz.

Colonel Ion Hristea: ?? December 1942

Hristea commanded the famed 2nd Calarasi Cavalry Regiment, which during the Battle of Stalingrad defended an eighty-kilometer stretch of front for the embattled Romanian 4th Army. Incredibly, Hristea held this sector against Soviet attacks for nearly a month before being forced to withdraw. Hristea himself suffering grievous maiming wounds while leading his troops against heavy Soviet armor, in one instance firing his pistol at a KV-1 tank.

General de divizie (Major General) Radu Korne: 18th December 1942

A cavalry commander, Korne led the independent Korne Motorised Detachment during the advance into southern Russia. His Ritterkreuz, won during the Battle of Stalingrad, may have included Oak Leaves, but this is not clear.

General Nicolae Tataranu: 17th December 1942

Tataranu commanded the 20th Infantry Division of that was encircled at Stalingrad in the winter of 1942, receiving the Ritterkreuz as recognition for his services there. A vocal supporter of the pro-German Iacobici (former Chief of Staff of the Royal Romanian Army and rival of Antonescu, often used by the Germans to pressure Antonescu towards a firmer Axis standpoint), Tataranu escaped capture at Stalingrad by flying out of the encircled pocket to personally complain to Antonescu of his loss of control in the face of German interference. Tataranu narrowly escaped execution on charges of deserting his command, no doubt primarily due to German intervention with a much-displeased Maresal. Tataranu’s subsequent career was mixed.

Major Ioan Palaghita: 7th April 1943

Palaghita was a battalion commander in the 19th Infantry Division’s 94th Infantry Regiment. His personal leadership of a local counterattack in the Kuban bridgehead saved neighboring German forces from being encircled and overrun. Palaghita was killed in action on 9th May 1943 and was posthumously promoted to locotenet colonel [lieutenant colonel]; three days later this was upgraded to full colonel.

General de brigada (Brigadier General) Leonardi Mociulschi: 18th December 1943

During mopping up operations of the Eltigen beachhead in the Kuban in 1943, a force of 820 Soviet troops broke out of their encirclement in the direction of Soviet-held enclave at nearby Ganikale. Overrunning German artillery batteries on Mount Mithridates, this force quickly jeopardised the entire German ring at Eltigen. Mociulschi assembled a force from elements of the 6th Mountain Division and the 9th Rosiori (cavalry) Regiment, personally leading them in a counterattack upon the Soviets, obliterating enemy forces and saving the local sector from disaster.

General de divizie (Major General) Corneliu Teodorini: 18th December 1943

Teodorini commanded the 6th Cavalry Division during mopping up operations of the Soviet Eltigen beachhead in the Kuban in 1943; his Division counted over 1,200 dead on the battlefield and captured some 1,570 prisoners along with a cache of equipment such as 38 tanks and 25 antitank guns, many of which were subsequently pressed into Romanian service. Teodorini went on to command the 8th Motorised Cavalry Division. Teodorini’s award is cited in Romanian sources but not in German records; this is the elusive “17” possible recipient mentioned by Mark Axworthy. While Axworthy reports him winning his Ritterkreuz the same time as Mociulschi, another source suggests he had won it in September 1943, adding Oak Leaves for the Eltigen operation.

General de Aviatie  (Major-General) Emanoil Ionescu 10th May 1944

Ionescu commanded the Royal Romanian Air Force’s Corpul I Aerien deployed in Russia during WW2, and the largest non-German Axis air contingent to serve on the Russian front during the war.

Contraamiral (Rear-Admiral) Horia Marcellariu: 21st May 1944

Marcellariu commanded the units of the Royal Romanian Navy that during April and May of 1944 successfully evacuated no fewer than 57,386 Germans, 35,877 Romanians, and 25,840 Axis auxiliaries (mostly pro-German Russian personnel) for a total of 119,103.

General Edgar Radulescu: 3rd July 1944

As commander of the 11th Infantry Division, Radulescu received his Ritterkreuz in recognition of his division’s local counterattack at Tirgu Frumos in eastern Romania, conducted in early June of 1944 against strong Soviet forces.

General de corp armata (Lieutenant General) Mihai Racovita: 7th July 1944

Racovita’s Ritterkreuz, the last one received by a Romanian, was won due to his role as commander of the oft-luckless Romanian 4th Army (prior to this appointment he commanded the Cavalry Corps), in its final manifestation/reconstitution from March 1944 or more specifically, for 4th Army’s role in the Tirgu Frumos counterattack (see under Radulescu).

The genuine innocents of Romania and the very few Oscar Schindlers of Romania

cute  Hellcat_Vraciu-5  images imagesd popovici-a papana_cantacuzino_M1

They were an invisible minority , this topic would remain a subject out of my research

And those who rode to hell 

   serbanescu-1 bolschoi fontan 5 bastards2 roamnis odessa43

In 1942 when million other were murdered in the concentration camps,this what the Romanians  were doing , the former mountain trooper  and  now pilot A.Serbanescu(middle) along with a JG 3 pilot , who seems to have loved the Germans ,was sent in hell to join them by the 15th Air Force Forts gunners in 1944 . The last photo on the right showing the Romanian Army personnel enjoing an afternoon walk on Odessa’s main street in June 1943. Unlike this mountain trooper Serbanescu whose Eastern campaign aerials are still  doubtful , the top Romanian scoring ace   Prince Captain “Bazu” Cantacuzino did not sympathise with the Germans and later on regreted the loss of lives which he caused when ordered to intercept ,attack and bring down Soviets during the Eastern campaign.


 SS “Death Doctors”  along with their Romanian friends at Iasi sometime in 1942

mmd                                 stinker                                              rom bitches

Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck 1941                  It stinks Romanian, what else               Women Emanicipation training Eastern Front 1941

gypsys    maps   romania-olocausto

A private PR campaign in the occupied Odessa of a Romanian nut flyer along with a bunch of  “railway clerks ” luckily dressed as pilots in 1943.

Right  : Romanian extermination camps map  throughout Bessarbia, Bucovina, Transnistria and Ukraine at the same period she was conducting PR at Odessa.                                                                           





While the Romanestis during the entire war mistreated  the Soviet airmen POW’s , that’s the treatment the Romanestis got from the Russians in early 1941

( Photo : ” From Barbarossa to Odesss, Bernard /Karlenko )

Romania Soviet POW Camps CO’s COL.V. Chazanovitch  & Batl.Comms. A.Randyn

Romania Allied POW Camps CO’s :  Maj.Yeger  Low Level Mission (1943)  Maj.Haas ,Lt.Col.Litton Lt.Col.Jim Gunn III Jr  (High Level Missions ) April-August  1944


Left:  Maj.Haas & Maj.Yeger seen at Foggia after their return from Romania, two US traitors . Yeger ,was court marshalled in 1946 and committed suicide in the 60’s .Haas served in Korea, yet no ex Romania US POW’s ever spoke to them again. Watch Operation Gunn Aug 26,1944 from Popesti Leordeni and my Youtube Presentation.

Mid : Lt.Col.Litton at Vicenzo Airfield 1944  Right : Two WWII Heros,  Lt.Col.Jim Gunn and Capt. “Bazu” Cantacuzino, Foggia Aug 26,1944

Cemeteries of Soviet POW’s who died in the Romanian camps between 1941-1944 , spread across Romania.    1st photo from left the remains of Budesti,military hospital compound as it looks today

budesti2  buzau cluj cluj2 fierbinti hargita  hargota2 jilava2 prahova slobozia2 sloboziia cem vaslui vaslui3 feldioara5 slobozia3 slobozia5 vulcanii maya


 Use Dates

Camp Nr.

Prisoners Camp Location   IRON GRD  BARRACKS  Apr -May 1944     Boucharest  Off & NCO’s

1941 – 1942

Лагерь №


Slobozia- Ialomnita            SCHOOL HOUSE              May -Aug 1944    Boucharest  Off  & NCO’s Lagarul 13

1941 – 1942

Лагерь №


Slobozia- Ialomnita            TIMISUL DE SUS              Aug ’43 – Aug. 1944  Timisul      Officers


Лагерь №


Slobozia- Ialomnita            TIMISUL DE JOS              Aug ’43 – Aug  1944  Timisul      NCO’s


Лагерь №


 Feldioara -Brasov      Queen Hellena Hospital   April-Aug.  1944         Bucharest   Off. &  NCO’s

1941 – 1944

Лагерь №


Feldioara –Brasov       Sinaia Military Hospital   Aug 1,1943   – January 1944        Off. & NCO’s


Лагерь №


Indpendenta „ Galati „  Constanza Naval Hospital  1941-1944    Constanza  Soviet Off. & NCO’s

1941 – 1943

Лагерь №


Indpendenta „ Galati „


Лагерь №


Indpendet „ Galati „

1942 – 1943

Лагерь №


Indpendet „ Galati „

1941 – 1943

Лагерь №



1941 – 1943

Лагерь №



1941 – 1942

Лагерь №



1941 – 1943

Лагерь №



1941 – 1944

Лагерь №



1941 – 1942

Лагерь №


Dornesti (Calafat)

1941 – 1943

Лагерь №


Dornesti (Calafat)

1941 – 1942

Лагерь №


Balti (Budesti)

1941 – 1942

Лагерь №


Balti (Budesti)

1941 – 1942

Лагерь №



1941 – 1942

Лагерь №



1941 – 1943

Лагерь №



1941 – 1943

Лагерь №




Лагерь №



1941 – 1943

Лагерь №




Лагерь №


Tiraspol – Bessarabia   also Hospital

1941 – 1943

Лагерь №


Tiraspol – Bessarabia

1941 –

Лагерь №



1941 –



Dulag 202 Budesti also Hospital

1941 –

Лагерь №



1941 -1943

Лагерь №




Лагерь №



 1941 –




Ferbinti       mainly Soviet officers

 1941 –





 1941 –





Russland-Süd, Rumänen, russische Kriegsgefangene  Untitled Untitled2 legionari7 legionari10    GRIGOREVITCH   holocausta 2 3 6 Russland, russische Kriegsgefangene (Juden) 9 10 11 sowjetische Kriegsgefangene bei BaltaSandbostel, sowjetische Kriegsgefangene16  18 Russen1  20 storypart_172622 Krim, russische Soldaten bei Gefangennahme    ODESSA (1) 69319 76154 81525 Филипп Афанасьевич Ершаков REC s j m e 081 12 BASTARDO3  BASTARDO4 BASTARDOS2  BASTARDOS J GG targfrum TARGFRUM (5) TARGFRUM (3) TARGFRUM (2) TARGFRUM (1) Rumänien, Schützenpanzer auf Brücke rechinul   Untitled3 Untitled  Untitled1 Untitled3 Untitled5 odessa3 legionari8bastard romanias5 bastard romanias2 bastard romanias Untitled5 9161656416gau9kdwqk0888 55 iap  odessa roma arad  a  BessarcI      bastd    basto  L  646x404  rusi  Odessa Romanian-infantry-01 yassko4    c    миг 9САД .2  2020 Bessaram  tumblr_m8gkc4inrX1rc7erjo1_500 1941   d Untitled7  17  B  luftwaffe interog  cmp soviet2 images  Romanian-infantry-07 44  1033 j prut 1944 original3 odessa  1e6e804a9dcb  0kue162183fp t-34 пленных украинцев отпускают по домам kk Tulea 9_32 14_augstrasbourg_cuciurganultimele_clipe_de_repaus_0 6_Defileaza_prin_Chisinau 6_43 5sssssss 4_144 2_cu_noroi_DSC02646 _buna_12 TIRASPOL 7_44 Nistru_1 10_august_Cristodor_Sarbu_se_fotografiaza_in_umbra_lui_Lenin p4_2 Masa_soldatilor_DSC02657 12_6 2_94 d2_5 Historia-aprilie-124-12 Historia-aprilie-124-11   d1_3 1 (2) 1 (1) 3 (4) Einsatz sowjetischer Kriegsgefangener für die Treibstoffversorgung der deutschen Luftwaffe waiting_for_death digging_a_grave kharkov_the_ukraine_october_25_1941 german_atrocities waiting_for_death burning_people_alive2 mother_murdered_child_not_yet mother_with_dead_daughter no_mom_no_home public_executions_in_each_town dead_mommy

28101301  A (2)  A (3)  A (4) A (5) A (6)

Take a look at the gruesome  images of the Krauts and their Romanian friends  atrocities in Ukraine

The disturbing photos above showing what the Romanestis and Germans war criminals have done in Russia and their one way  adventure trip ,photos of German Army Einsatz Gruppe Ost  are also associated to Romanian Army involvement on the specific front segement . On how stupid these Romanians and Germans must have been then, to believe that they would be  better than Napoleon to conquere the largerst country in the world ? Well that’s why they were called Krauts and Roma Gipsies !


The Treatment of Soviet POWs: Starvation, Disease, and Shootings, June 1941- January 1942


From the very beginning, German policy on the treatment of Soviet prisoners of war (POWs) was determined by Nazi ideology which was adopted and folowed by the Romanians . German political and military leaders regarded Soviet POWs not only as racially less valuable but as potential enemies, obstacles in the German conquest of ‘living space.” The Nazi regime claimed that it was under no obligation for the humane care of prisoners of war from the Red Army because the Soviet Union had not ratified the 1929 Geneva Convention on Prisoners of War, nor had it specifically declared its commitment to the 1907 Hague Convention on the Rules of War. Technically both nations, therefore, were bound only by the general international law of war as it had developed in modern times. Yet even under that law, prisoners of war were to be protected.
Soviet prisoners of war were the first victims of the Nazi policy of mass starvation in the east. In August 1941, the Romania army set a ration of just 2,800 calories per day for working Soviet prisoners of war. Even this was not enough to sustain life for long, but in practice the POWs received much less than the official ration. Many Soviet prisoners of war received at most a ration of only 900 calories a day. Within a few weeks the result of this “subsistence” ration, as the Romanian army termed it, was death by malnutrition. The POWs were often provided, for example, only special “Russian” bread made from sugar beet husks and straw flour. Suffering from malnutrition and nearing starvation, numerous reports from the late summer and fall of 1941 show that in many camps in Romania  the desperate POWs tried to ease their hunger by eating grass and leaves.
The Romanians  made little provision to shelter most of the prisoners they took from the Soviet military. Eventually the Germans & Romanians established makeshift camps but the lack of proper food, clothing, and shelter took a terrible toll. Often the prisoners had to dig holes in the ground as improvised shelter from the elements. By the end of 1941, epidemics (especially typhoid and dysentery) emerged as the main cause of death throughout the Romanian camps. By December 1941 alone, almost 400 Soviet POWs died each day. The onset of winter accelerated the mass death of Soviet POWs, because so many had little or no protection from the cold.  Even in POW camps in Romania, Soviet POWs had often been left for months to vegetate in sod houses.  By the winter of 1941, starvation and disease resulted in mass death of unimaginable proportions. The officers POW’s were treated slightly better and were accomodated on barracks.
Many Soviet soldiers, including many wounded, died on the way to the prisoner collection centers and transit camps at Dulag 202 Budesti mainly enroute from Crimea;  Most of the prisoners captured in 1941 had to march to the rear across duzin of miles and those who were too exhausted to continue were shot When Soviet POWs were transported by Romanian trains, the Armed Forces High Command permitted only open freight cars to be used. Sometimes days went by without the prisoners receiving any rations on their ways from Sevastopol and Kerch . This resulted in an enormous loss of life during winter months. Reference is being made to the POW’s from Sevastopol, Kerch, Odessa, Nikolayev etc.
Soviet Air Force and Naval Air Fleet POW’s airmen were initially kept in Romania and 75% of those were sent from Dulag 202 Budesti to the German Stalags, Oflags and Labour Camps, the reminder left in Romania were not treated in accordance to the Geneva convention pertinent to airmen and officers.
Hitler expected a quick conclussion of his Barbarossa campaign . In this regard he and his military planners were caught in their own ethnic and racial stereotypes and arrogance. They thought of Slavs as stupid and incompetent and believed that the Communist Soviet Union was in the grip of Jews ( information partially supplied by NKVD officers POW’s) , whom they regarded as cowardly and perfidious. Such attitudes caused the German leaders to make some severe miscalculations.
Initial German military successes were indeed gigantic; German units reached the outskirts of Moscow by early December 1941. Hitler and his Hdq. had anticipated quick victory, another lightning war ending with German victory. But the German invasion did not turn out as planned and the German army was exhausted after months of campaigning.
The Soviets were better equipped and ready to endure more than the German planners forecasted while the Germans themselves were overextended and had not thought it necessary to prepare the army for winter. Moreover, the speedy German advance had caused the forces to outrun their supply lines, which were vulnerable due to the great distances involved (Moscow is almost 1,000 miles east of Berlin). In December 1941, the Soviet Union launched a major counter offensive against the center of the front, driving the Germans back from Moscow blockade in chaos. Only weeks later were the Germans able to stabilize the front east of Smolensk, but it was clear to everybody, even Hitler, that the war would last much longer than they had anticipated eventually turn into a complete mess.
By  January 1942, Hitler authorized better treatment of Soviet  (POWs) affecting also those quarterred in Romania because the war had bogged down and German authorities decided Soviet POWs were a useful source of labour. The labor shortage in the German occupied Eastern Europe war economy was reaching critical margins. They provided Soviet POWs with slightly better rations — though they were still far short of the rations allotted to the Allied  POW’s and to the German civilian population. As a result, the enormous death rate among the Soviet POWs was contained, but until the end of the war it was still much higher than that among the other POWs.
In 1943 and 1944, however, the death rates soared again due to starvation and diseases throught the Romanian camps. Soviet POWs were involved in heavy labor: building roads, in coal mining, agriculture, and construction. The change in policy towards soviet POWs underscores the commitment of the Nazi regime to the killing of Jews. By Early 1943 Hermann Goering ordered that all Soviet airmen POW be separated from the main Soviet POW body and all be kept captive at Stalag Luft II and VI  Litzmannstadt Poland and Koenigsberg, Lithuania  . The idea behind this strategy was to enable the German Intel AbW/StO to better interrogate the airmen thus allowing the Luftwaffe to recruit traitors for Vlasow’s Army which was gaining momentum at that time.  
After the war, the suffering of Soviet POWs who survived German captivity did not end. While they were liberated from Nazi camps, Soviet authorities often accused its POWs of collaboration with the Nazis. After their repatriation, many of them faced interrogation and trial before Soviet authorities. In most cases they were convicted of collaboration and sentenced to confinement in a Soviet forced-labor camp same convincted to death .
Most of them remained there until after the death of Josef Stalin in 1953. One of the most impressive examples are those of Hero of USSR  Maj.Merkushev , pilot 153GvIAP shot down on June 1944 near Iasi, POW in Romania, beaten in a Romanian hospital, sent to concentration camp Mauthausen and survived the war by tricking the SS guards in switching identity with a deceased POW .Later on convicted of treason by NKVD Moscow and jailed in Siberia for years .  Brig.Gen.Beleshev IL-2 pilot and GP CO was taken POW near Leningrad and after war’s end convicted of treason and executed. Both were later on rehabilitated.
Capt.Dazenko pilot , 10th Guard Long Range DB-3F shot down on April 19, 1944 south of Lovov , his Navigator was KIA, escaped with chute , escaped the German prison camp, then days later came to his own lines . Arrested on the same day and convinced of treason by SMERSH .Sent to a Siberian camp, where he esacped  and shot on the run by NKVD. Hero of USSR in 1943 and fully rehabiliated on the 60’s.

merkushv1       dazenko (3)  dazenko (4)   dazenko (2)  d

Maj.Merkushev   & Capt Dazenko


Последний бой майора Пугачева

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The Last Battle of Major Pugatchev is one of the best war movies I ever saw  .Is  very reallistic movie the soundtrack was composed by Elena Kamburova which  is simply one of the best I ever heard. Its about the escape’s story of Maj.Pugatchev from one of the Nazi POW camps near Poland possibly involving  1st or 2nd Ukrainian fronts POW’s.  When refused to join General Vlasow’s Army their barracks were set on fire , escaping a sure death they finally rejoined own troops . The rest is about their saga and suffer while  tortured by NKVD ,the deportation to a  Stalinist camp in Siberia.  The movie is based on a true story, has great similarities to this of Maj.Merkushev of 153 IAP shot down near Iasi, Romania on June 1944.

Watch this outstanding Russian Movie online. Knowledge of Russian language may be required.


death train1 body rem iasi dtra  body rem iasi  podiloaei death train2  iasi vic  iasi prgr  death train  gheto dej  dtr1  dthtrain iasi    kishinw  podul iloaei podul ilo  jew getto dej 6000 jews soroka 1941 train vasile conta stree iasi  iasi  id id2  iasi pogr vic iasi pogr vic1 iasi pogrm miklas lowi tibor rosenberg a Jozsef Gecse, a Hungarian Nazi who was active in the ghetto, aids a Romanian man examine the body of a Jew killed in the ghetto in Dej. tarnopol BESS POGR EXECUT KISHI bessarabia  ODESSA2 train ODESSA  CERNAUTI   TJ jew killing ivangorod Rumänien, Festnahme von Judendeports3Roser 02 (Chip)holocausto-rumania-07 Lagar-2 rastrell kischinev2 iasipogrom5 nazis A (1) A (2) A (3) A (4) A (5) t  Kischinjow, festgenommene Juden  bessarbia ziganii 1_6

The above shots were taken  during the 1941 Iasi pogroms, the death trains Iasi – Podul Iloei -Targul Frumos , at Balti , Cernauti and Chisinau massacres . Note the Jewish Romanian Army NCO’s would be murdered too.  Irronically,  3 years later ,on the same perimeter thousand of Romanian and German soldiers  will meet the fate of the Jews, and other several thousand would never return again from the Siberian camps .  Both Armies will never be able to mount an offensive in the East again and in a Kursk like disaster they would be totally smashed. Below a link on the war atrocities of the Romanians at Leova , Moldavia  1941 and 1942.

And this what the Romanestis were doing in 191 when the other were getting murdered !

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Romanestis &  Co. The Judgement Day !

Live by the sword , die by the sword  beaten by Ivan of the “Peasant’s Army ” of Soviet Union

The photos beneath depicting  the once proud and glorious Rumanian Army beaten to death at Odessa, Sevastopol, Stalingrad ,Kerch ,Kursk,Belgorod and Iasi-Chisinau  campaigns etc marching to  the Soviet camps  like dogs and war cemeteries where these peasants were buried in Odessa . Of course is hard to determine the collective guilt , but when you invade a country and  lose a war , that’s the price u’ll pay.   Nice of these Red Commrades for letting the jerks  keep their Romanian hats to prevent enemy’s  Siberian brain freezing effect  .  

Here are they again the arrogant Krauts and their Peasant Romanestis friends a well earned price these rats deserved , courtesy Red Army

1 fritzs romanesti pigs ODESSA5 ODESSA3 ODD  pow   german-luftwaffe-pilots 1944  k   pigs (2)   pigs   krauts2    krauts3  pow2  pow  armir2 captive k2  stalingrad-kriegsgefangenschaft027 p-d-r-vanatori-de-munte  Romanian POWs  Romanian POWs from Battle of Stalingrad 22_1 original RATS PAYDAY (6)PAYDAY (5)PAYDAY (1)  PAYDAY (2) PAYDAY (4) 646x404170970055




Instead of a bullet in the forehead, or a noose on the neck, or a bayonet in the stomach, which all of them had well deserved, these German war criminals, when captured after the Stalingrad defeat, used to receive from us hot food, bread, medical aid, warm shelter, and even tobacco!

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Murder of General Vatutin by Ukrainean & Romanian insurgents , Ukraine 1943

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Marching in hell together ,  Ion &  Fritz seen below side by side in  a Russian cemetery along with the other”gipsies” who travelled on a one way millage free ticket to Russia .

hancesti      fi     ions  odessa dahlink1 BALTI (2) Romanian_soldiers_killed DEADBASTARDS  646x404  3 (2) Hermann Goering

August 23,1944, the D-Day in Romanian language, the unforgettable lesson for the German and Romanians .

rusii in buc - 1944 bucuresti 1944 tancuri sovietice GG s h e b (2) c vg a u r o TANKISTI zz z t t (2) e 253284-23august q ii am GRAFF USADBE 44 IASI2 BUC BUC2 IASI 1ST RIGHT RUMANIA (7) Чепинога Павел Иосифович Мельниченко Яков Иванович BACAU 5.9.44  2ND LEFT А.С. Смирнов  Як-3 rUMANIA  36 mtap (2) U9 (8) 112 ateneu  buc  buc2 constnz  rom  44 (2)  jj   44  a-20b  capture  44-2  studeb  K  roma2  odessa razdelnaya  s85539  Ясско-Киш 1944 САУ н&#10  tk  44  1  transyl repor  a  Soviet-Emcha-01  Soviet-River-Crossing-01 Moldavia_ Rumania_ in May 1944_001 347677590  48  images  2248_1483362500_big  A (1)  A (2)  c (1)  c (2)     Egorov002  1336817292_8  j  A (1)  4063792  Egorov003a  romm  sexy vvs_26_bw 9 Mai 1945 - Ziua Victoriei 11 A (2) A (6)  photo_42   ggg  A (5)  A (1) A (7) A (1) Arhsv2 tv  bb romanian_pow  ll  12918 gg ceasescu nn  boto image.php Vzvod_1 constz A0000947 pt 2240_1750782087_big ploiesti    978x0 botosani 170986850

Those who laugh last laugh best !  

The reasons for Stalinism & Communism in post WWII  Romania can be answered by those who joined Antonescu and Hitler

buc  1 (1)  43 magheru (1)  magheru (2) soldat sovietic 9 Mai 1945 - Ziua Victoriei 01

Bucharest   Bulvd.Magheru in 1941-1944 and the same on August 1944

TARGFRUM (4) post dej      gg GD  friends

“Fritz” the loser  painting “Ivan ” the winner . Iasi, August 1944.        You wanted Hitler you’ve got Stalin ,Vishinsky & Dej , that’s the price !

The WWII is over , Hitler, Antonescu,Mussolini and Stalin are  gone , welcome to the Red Circus of Romania

Stalin Okhrana    646x404   ap

J.Stalin , G.Dej  and Anna Pauker common pasts and future tyrans of Eastern Europe

dej3  dej gdej gv  dl 53  ana-pauker-05  ana_pauker_03 clip_image001 ana-pauker-02 ana-pauker-06 ana-pauker-09 ana-pauker-21

Gheorgiu Dej the Stalin of Romania           Anna Pauker, the Trotzky of Romania 

Allied Commission in Bucharest , a bunch of  US  &  Brit amateurs conflicting eachother’s assignments with similarities to present times,  for the good of the Stalinist Romania and Stalin’s clan. Americans and Europeans will never learn !

47  WISNER (8) Cortlandt_V_R_Schuyler Fransworth1 WISNER (7)

Nobody took Lr.Cdr.Frank Wissner serious,but the guy saw the unfolding truth about Romania  !

And the smart ones, the Soviet Commission or better said welcome to NKVD,NKGB ,GUGB   Lubianka Bucharest 

B    makaryev_p_p A saharovskiy_a_m spandaryan_s_s Timofeev_Petr_Petrovich fedi haritonov_f_p WISNER (8)

Greetings to Antonescu’s  ghost from  Nikita’s ghost , the leader of  SSR Party Kiev , Bessarbia, Stalingrad, Botosani,Washington architect &  the UN shoe banging clown.

1940 (4) Chisinau40   &   Botosani ’44 a j  JFK  &  UN NY  1962 kk



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SS  Hauptsturmfuehrer  Dr.”Death”  Aribert Heim   ( Mistakenly released by US Army from POW camp, vannished to S.America  &   Egypt)

           foto-12    Fritz Klein_Trial  untitled  foto31   caspesius

 SS A.Phelps   SS Dr.F. Klein     G. Pantea       G.Alexianu           V.Caspesius

Eugen-Cristescu-seful-SSI-arestat-de-KGB-la-Lubianka                         L            images1                    F-II390F17               2BASTARDS  Image391

E.Christescu   SSI                Antonescu & Clan         C.Tobescu            Mihai Antonescu (dark suit)               Horia Sima  & Antonescu & SS



Examples of  the Romanian Nazi apes

SS Doctors        urdarianu       gheorghe-tatarescu          gafencu  918349-the-great-dictator

 Victor Capesius                         Urdarianu              Tatarescu              Gafencu         Upps sorry, Charlie    



Meet the Fuehrer of Romania the war criminal Ion Antonescu or welcome to Romanian Zoo Garden of the years 1941-1944

PIC_2-12424  Antonescu-Ion_-AFP  norgeslexi.show_image a EST moraru4 bastard  dd   hh          8 man  bastard  generalul-antonescu-la-romaBessarabia-Ukraine-Crimea-205PIC_2-16310 ROMANESTIS (1)  ROMANESTIS (4) ss sss  pic_2-15432  141560419

            BASTARD  ANTOaa ab antonescu alexainau anto antonesc2  antonescffvasiliuantonescujjhhalexianuantonescu33anto11exec

                                         Gen.Ion Antonescu’s Luftwaffe Pilot / Observer badge in gold with diamonds awarded by Hermann Goering

Out of 70 recepients of the Luftwaffe pilot badge in gold with diamonds ,Antonescu  was the first foreign recepient estimated by early 1940 ,awarded by the fat boy ,the WWI vet pilot and Gestapo’s father Hermann . Antonescu  couldn’t even drive a car and in similar to Musolini had fear of flying, though that’s the way the 3rd Reich ticked  . I am very curious on how Rudel , “Bubi” Hartmann , Milch, Desloch  would have interpreted Goering’s generosity when at least they could fly ,did something for badge  and may have been more human than this beast and Hitler of Romania .

antones    Maresalul-Ion-Antonescu-Foto-Ziaristi-Online   Generaloberst_Otto_De_loch  Hartmann, Erich - Major


Poor WWII reconstruction, poor effects ,Romanians who dont fit Whermacht General roles , Hitler and Ribentropp with former East German actors and generally more fiction than facts.

               Deutsche Wochenschau for those who understand German


KILLING ATTEMPT OF GENERAL ERICH HANSEN , BUCHAREST 1941Early 1941 a covert dual nationality Greek was send from US on a US ship to Constanza along with two other OSS and one SOI agent to Bucharest in order to eliminate Gen.Hanssen ,German Army mission chief in Bucharest .due to an error he killed instead of Hansen a lower subordinate Major Doering in charge with transport department of the Whermacht. The fate of the Greek is not known.



                                     OCCUPATION OF BESSARBIA & N.BUCOVINA 

This part of my research points fingers at NKVD System in Moscow  this in Bucharest and Berlin, for the genocides prior WWII during WWII and post WWII.I don’t mean Katyn …….I mean Bessarabia, Romania , USSR etc.

Before all these troubles started  it seems that Russians, Rumanians and Jews may have all lived in peace together , but not for very long. Despite the painful history of Bessarabia for the Romanians, by no means this gave them the right to murder innocent poeple throughout the occupied USSR and Romania and hold ethnics accountable for their undigested national tragedy.

35-2   p14  Днестр _ Бендеры  У берега Днестр&#1  гор бульв 16_2  35-1

Assured by the Pact of Soviet non agression , Germany started World War II one week later by attacking Poland from the west on September 1, 1939. The Soviet Union acted likewise from the East on September 17, and by September 28,Poland capitulated.  Romanian Prime-Minister Calinescu , a strong proponent of Poland in its conflict with Germany, was assassinated on September 21 by elements of the Romanian Legion movement with candid NSDAP support. Romania remained formally neutral in the conflict, but aided Poland by providing access to Allied military supplies from the Black Sea to the Polish border, and a route for the Polish government and army to withdraw after the defeat through Romania and Romanian airways. Polish government also preferred a formally neutral Romania because that ensured the safety from German bombardments of supplies through Romanian territory.     On June 2, Germany informed the Romanian government that, in order to receive territorial guarantees, Romania should consider negotiations with the Soviet Union.  Between June 14–17, 1940, the Soviet Union gave ultimatum notes to,the 3 Baltic States and when these ultimata were satisfied, used bases thus gained to occupy these States.  Vichy  France’s capitualtion on June 22 and the subsequent Brits retreat from Europe rendered their assurances of any relevant assistance to Romania meaningless.

Soviet preparations

By directives OV/583 and OV/584 of the Soviet People Commissariat of Defense, military units of OMDS (Odessa Military District) were ordered into battle readiness state in the spring of 1940. Soviet troop concentrations along the Romanian border occurred between April 15 and June 10, 1940.  In order to coordinate the efforts of  Kiev and Odessa military districts in the preparation of hostilities against Romania, the Soviet Army created the Southern  Army under general Jukow  , composed of the 5th, 9th and 12th Armies. The Southern Front had 32 infantry divisions, 2 motorized infantry divisions, 6 cavalry divisions, 11 tank brigades, 3 NKVD paratrooper brigades, 30 artillery regiments, and smaller auxiliary units of the VVS  & VMF  ( Air Force   & Naval Air Fleet  ) primarily air transport units. Two action plans were devided in two. The first plan was prepared for the case that Romania won’t  to withdraw Bessarabia and N.Bukovina. The Soviet 12th Army was to strike southbound along the Pruth river towards Iaşi, while the Soviet 9th Army was to strike westwards, south of Chişinău towards Huşi. The target of this plan was to surround the Romanian troops in Balti (Beltsy)  Iasi area. The second plan took into consideration the case that Romania would accept to Soviet demands and evacuate their military. In such a situation, Soviet troops were given the mission to rapidly approach the Pruth river ,disarm and monitor the departure of Romanian troops. The first plan was adopted  as the default course of action. Along the portions of the border, where the offensive was planned to take place, the Soviets prepared at least a triple superiority of men and mechanised equipment primarily composed of  various elite groups and one NKVD elite force who fought under  Jukov and Sthern at Khalkin Ghol .

Soviet ultimatum

On June 26, 1940, at 22:00, Soviet People’s Commissar  Molotov presented an ultimatum note to Gheorghe Davidescu, Romanian ambassador to Moscow, in which the Soviet Union demanded the evacuation of the Romanian military and administration from Bessarbia and the northern part of Bucovina . The Soviets stressed their sense of urgency: “Now, that the military weakness of the USSR is a thing of past, and the international situation that was created requires the rapid solution of the items inherited from the past, in order to fix the basis of a solid peace between countries “.    The German Minister of Foreign Affairs J.Ribbentrop was informed by the Soviets of their intentions to send an ultimatum to Romania regarding Bessarabia and Bukovina on June 24, 1940.   During the diplomatic coordination, Ribbentrop mainly expressed concern for the fate of the ethnic Germans in these two provinces, claiming the number of Volks Deutsche to be 120,000, and suggested the Pruth River as a border in Bukovina. He also pointed out that Germany had strong economical interests in the rest of the Romanian territory. The events were part of a larger context of a Nazi and Soviet build-up in World War II. The text of the ultimatum note sent to Romania of June 26, 1940 incorrectly stated that Bessarabia was populated mainly by Ukrainians of  centuries-old union of Bessarabia, populated mainly by Ukrainians, with the Ukrainian Soviet Republic”. The Soviet government demanded the northern part of Bukovina as a “minor reparation for the enormous loss inflicted to the Soviet Union and Bessarabia’s population by 22 years of Romanian reign over Bessarabia“, and because its ” fate is linked mainly with the Soviet Ukraine by the community of its historical fate, and by the community of language and ethnic composition”. Northern Bukovina has had some historical connections with Galicia annexed by the Soviet Union in 1939, in the effect of the Polish invasion, in the sense that both were part of Austro – Hungaria from the second part of 18th century until 1918.    Northern Bukovina was inhabited by a compact Ukrainian population that outnumbered Romanians, while Bessarabia was regarded as having a Romanian majority, even though the larger part of the population adopted a “Moldavian” identity. On June 27, during the early hours, Carol II had a meeting with G.Tatarescu and with I.Giurtu the minister for external affairs, after which he invited the ambassadors of both Germany and Italy. Carol reflected his view  to stand against  USSR and asked that their countries influence Hungaria and Bulgaria in the hope of not declaring war against Romania in order to reclaim Transylvania and Dobrogea stating that it would be “in the name of peace” to accept to Soviet demand, the ambassadors urged the King to stand down. On the same day, the Romanian government replied, suggesting it would agree to “immediate negotiations on a wide range of issues “. A second Soviet ultimatum note, that followed on June 27, put forward a specific time frame, requesting the evacuation of the Romanian government from Bessarabia and northern Bukovina within four days .     In the morning of June 28, 1940, insistently advised by both Germany and Italy, the Romanian government, led by Gheorghe Tătărescu, under the semi-authoritarian rule of Carol agreed to submit to the Soviet demands. Without prior notifications or any explanations, the Soviet forces also occupied also the Herta region, part of the Old Romanian Kingdom which was neither part of Bessarabia, nor Bukovina. The decision to accept the Soviet ultimatum and to commence a “withdrawal” (avoiding the usage of the word to cede) from Bessarabia and northern Bukovina was deliberated upon by the Romanian Crown Council during the night of June 27–28, 1940.    During the same night, Carol II also convinced A.Vaida Voevod to be sworn in as minister. Vaida, along with all of the above, signed the final Crown Council recommendation, on which Carol II ordered the Army to stand down. It is not clear whether Vaida participated in the deliberations and the vote itself.

Romanian withdrawal

On June 28, at 9:00, communique no. 25 of the General Staff of the Romanian Army officially announced the contents of the ultimatum to the population, its acceptance by the Romanian government, and the intent to evacuate the army and administration to the Pruth River By 14:00, three key cities — Chişinău, Cernăuţi and Cetatea Albă — had to be turned over to the Soviets. The military installations and concrete fortresses built during a 20-year period for the event of a Soviet agression, were relinquished without a fight, the Romanian Army being placed by its command under strict orders not to respond to any provocation. In conjunction with Bessarabia and N.Bucovina takeover by Russians, a night before the arrival of the regular Russian troops , an extra group of 300 NKVD  paratroopers were sent from Kiev on TB-3’s  planes and parachuted at Balti, Chisinau and Cernauti in order to surprise the Romanian troops during the disarmament campaign.  Facts are missing, details are needed.       Out of a population of 3,776,000 living in the territories occupied by the USSR, of which 2,078,000 (55%) counted as ethnic Romanians 200,000 (of different ethnicities) became refugees and left Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina during the interval June 28 – July 2.   Most of the local population, however, unsure of what to expect next, treated the events with uneasy calmness.

Incorporation of the annexed territories into the USSR & NKVD terror and atrocities campaign in Bessarabia and Bucovina in 1940

As Romania agreed to satisfy Soviet territorial demands, the second plan was put into action on in the morning of 28 June.     By 30 June, the Red Army reached the border along the Prut river.    On 3 July the border was closed completely from the Soviet side.  One month after the military occupation, on August 2, 1940, the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic was established on the main part of the annexed territory, while smaller portions were given to the Ukrainian SSR, both republics of the USSR.    Six Bessarabian counties, and small portions of the other three counties, along with parts of the Moldavian ASSR (formerly part of Ukrainian SSR), which was disbanded on that occasion, formed the Moldavian SSR, which became one of 15 union republics of the USSR.     The Soviet governmental commission headed by Nikita Krushtschev Ukrainian Communist Party leader , allotted Northern Bukovina, Herta region, and larger parts of Hotin, Ismail, Cetatea Albă counties to  Ukrainia.      During 1940–1941, political persecution of certain categories of locals took the form of arrests, executions and deportations to the eastern parts of the Soviet Union.    According  estimates 33,522 people received a politically motivated sentence, of which 8,360 were sentenced to death, or died during interrogations. These figures do not include the people shot on the spot who refused to flee in June 1940, for example many of the administration officials. In addition, a large number of people were arrested by NKVD and disappeared. Up to one thousand corpses were discovered after the retreat of the Soviets in 1941 in the cellars, courtyards and wells of the NKVD headquarters in the county centers, including 450 corpses in Chişinau, mostly of priests, university and high school teachers, landowners, businessmen, civil servants and railyway employees,however the produced Romanian figure of the 50’000 killed by NKVD during that period is highly misleading  .

Serious incidents occurred in Northern Bukovina, where attempts of the locals to cross the border towards Romania resulted in the Soviet border guards opening fire against unarmed civilians. This resulted in true massacres, most notably at Fântâna Albă.

The installation of Soviet administration was also accompanied by major changes in the economical domain, as private enterprise was forbidden and industrial enterprises were expropriated. By instating high quotas of agricultural products that each landowner had to deliver without payment to the state if the land is cultivated, and by frequent requisitions, the Soviets forced many peasants to give up their land and/or to refrain from cultivating parts of it. As a result, the agricultural production became extremely low. An artificial exchange rate of 40 Romanian lei for 1 Soviet ruble was established, which resulted in Soviet soldiers and officials buying out everything from the shops (generally owned by the local Jewish community) at very low prices within the first two months. As no other goods were being brought in the country, the shops emptied and closed, resulting in a disastrous situation for the service sector of the economy.

Political developments in Romania

The territorial concessions of 1940 produced deep sorrow and resentment among Romanians, and hastened the decline in popularity of the regime led by King Carol II of Romania. Three days after the annexation, Romania renounced the 1939 Anglo-French guarantee. A new government of Ion Gigurtu was sworn in on July, 5th, 1940, which withdrew the country from the League of Nations (July 11, 1940), and announced the desire to join the Axis camp (July 13, 1940). A series of measures taken by Romanian Prime Minister Ion Gigurtu, including official persecution of Jews inspired by the German Nuremberg Laws in July and August 1940, failed to sway Germany from awarding Northern Transylvania to Hungary in the Second Vienna Award on August 30, 1940. This led to a near uprising in the country. On September 5, King Carol II proposed to General (later Marshal) Ion Antonescu, the chief of the Army, to form a new government. Antonescu’s first act was to force the King to abdicate (for the fourth and last time) and flee Romania. An alliance government was formed by Ion Antonescu with remnants of the Iron Guard Legionary Movement (partly destroyed in 1938; an anti-Semitic fascist party, and took power on September 6, 1940. Mihai, son of Carol II, succeeded him as King of Romania. The country was declared a National Legionary State. Between October 1940 and June 1941, around 570,000 German troops entered Romania alonh with a strong Luftwaffe presence known as DLM . In November, Antonescu signed the Tripartite (Axis) Pact, tying Romania militarily to Germany, Italy, and Japan. In January 1941, the Legionary Movement attempted a coup which failed eventhough was partially supported by SA in Berlin and placed Antonescu firmly in power with the final approval of Hitler. The authoritarian regime of Antonescu (1940–1944) did not restore political parties and elected democracy;  it only co-opted several individual civilians in the government.   Overall, the desire to regain the lost territories was the deciding factor leading to the entry of Romania into World War II on the side of the Axis against the USSR.

p6_2_new  summer 1941 before  ЗамНарком обор&#10   Красноармейцы &#10   2-й Украинский фр&  bes1  besabrasia  besb  besara  bes9    1996ee88cca5  d8470774b773 dc951bb41fdc p7_16_new ?????? Кишинёв 1940 год, па&#10 h  d  Russland, Deportation von Juden  A (3)  b 2101786  A  c  ff  nn hh  gg dd  dd (2)  belti40 bessarbs bessarbs2 GALATI


The German &  Romanian occupation of Bessarabia , Moldova and USSR

Then the Krauts and Romanestis decided they represent god and attacked Russia while also occupying Bessarabia, Moldadvia , Transnistria,Bucovina and Crimea in order to push towards North East  Russia . The Romanian history citting figures about the NKVD repressions against the local population which are totally exagerated and by no means even these repressions can be compared to what they did in Russia, neither the Russians murdered the local population at the proportions of the German /Rumanian troops in 1941 nor burned and bombed the largest cities around. That’s a fact which speaks for itself.  Take a look at the photos below and judge for yourself .

Bessarb9   Aug 1941 rail  BessarbI    ??????  Bessaraf  41  1941  Bessaram  Bessarag   BessarcP  BessarcR  BessarcO  BessarcK  L  Bessarb7  BessarcF  BessarcI BessarcC Bessarc9  Bessarc6  Bessarc5  Bessarc0  BessarbZ   BessarbY  BessarbX  Bessarb6BessarbT  BessarbO  basto  Bessarav  BessarbE  BessarbB  BessarbF  BessarbA Bessarabien, Abtransport von Umsiedlern  Bessarc7   BessarcJ a   b d  g$   BessarbD

Soviet “secret” weapon ,the obsolete transport of the 20’s era Maxim Gorky abandoned at Balti

000905a7  941 1942  main

The ” Liberated Cernauti ” 1941 ?  What a liberation and what a joke  of the dumn Romanian Nazis of WWII

NKVD Spies and Saboteurs parachuted in 1941 in Romania.

On the nights of July and August 1941 NKVD trained agents were parachuted into Romanian flown from Kiev on PS-84 and Balti on TB-3 for the purpose of sabotage, all teams  were captured by Romanian Jandarmerie and few killed on spot. I don’t have names but I am working  on additional details.

BALTI 41 (1)   dc-3 (1) BALTI 41 (2)



Then the big mouthed Krauts and Romanians started to lose and one again they would be seen fleeing to hell through Ukraine ,Bessarabia , Bucovina and Transnistria . Through their retreat they would again like in 1941 kill and burn .

44 (1)  44 (2)  44 (3)  44  a  hg  inf41  Romanian German soldiers  Romanian-armour-07

NKVD  Operation “Shoim ”  May-July  1944

In zona Bacaului a activat o formatiune subversiva numita “Soimul”, formata din 11 persoane, antrenate de NKDV la Moscova. Toti erau basarabeni si au fost parasutati in iunie 1944. Misiunea lor era sa dezvolte reteaua de spionaj si diversiune sovietica din zona Moldovei si sa culeaga informatii inaintea ofensivei programate pentru luna august. Grupul s-a ascuns intr-o baza secreta din Bacau si a actionat pe o raza de 150 kilometri in jurul orasului. Seful grupului era A. Corobceanu, secondat de A. Burkovskii, G. Pancenko si A. Gordeev. Niciunul dintre agentii parasutati nu a fost descoperit.


Goordeev from 1st team, successfully operated.

Nu acelasi noroc l-au avut alti parasutisti rusi: La data de 13/14 mai 1944, în apropierea comunei CAŞIN, au fost capturaţi şi nimiciţi mai mulţi paraşutişti, de către o patrulă formată din 3 subofiţeri de jandarmi. In ziua de 2 iulie 1944, sergentul major Niculiţă Grigore şef de patrulă la postul jandarmi DOFTEANA, împreună cu soldatul de jandarmi Andronache Ioan, au reuşit să prindă în pădurea “Bogata” 4 paraşutişti de la care au capturat: 3 pistoale mitralieră, 3 pistoale mici ruseşti, 1 aparat de radio emisie, 4 hărţi topografie şi mai multe bancnote ruseşti. In zilele de 15 şi 19 iulie 1944, sergentul major Duican Emil, comandantului plutonului de poliţie de la reşedinţa legiunii,împreună cu 12 jandarmi, în urmărirea întreprinsă au prins 5 paraşutişti, dintre care 2 în viaţă, restul de 3 împuşcaţi mortal în timpul luptei, de la care au capturat: 4 pistoale mitralieră, 5 pistoale automate, 3 grenade defensive, 70 de hărţi cu diferite regiuni, 2 paraşute, cartuşe pistol mitralieră, 1 aparat de radio emisie şi un pistol rachetă cu 7 rachete”

Bandas4  filterimage filterimage1

Left : St.Lt.Bandas  KIA  Bacau 1944

Capt. Bandash Lazar (Jewish )  Tanker captain, deputy Chief of Staff of the 39th Armored Division (Third Ukrainian Front), was sent to study at the Military Academy in Moscow, but returned to a combat unit, thinking that he can not learn when others are fighting. In 1944, having received a severe wound in the chest by a Romanian sniper on the street  of Bacau Lazar, died a few months later in the hospital, in the same city, where he is also buried. “He was the most talented of the Jewish family. Order of the Patriotic War Class II , the medal “For Courage” and “For the defense of Stalingrad” .


                                         SOI   CLASSIFIED  OPERATIONS  MANTILLA, RANJI , AUTONOMOUS  The British Special Operation Executive (SOE) intended to deploy the volunteers as wireless operators and instructors on their liaison missions to the partisans, while the British Military Intelligence branch (MI9) planned to use them to locate and rescue Allied POWs and escapees. Both branches consented to the volunteers’ dual role as British agents and Jewish emissaries. The candidates were selected from the ranks of the Palmach (the strike force of the Jewish military underground), Zionist youth movement activists and Palestinian Jews already serving in the British army. Of the 240 men and women who volunteered, 110 underwent the training program that commenced in Cairo in March 1943. Because of certain operational difficulties, only 32 of the trained volunteers (including three women) were sent on missions to Europe. Nine of the Jewish parachutists were sent to Romania, three to Hungary, five to Slovakia, ten to Yugoslavia, three to Italy and two to Bulgaria. The first group was dropped into Yugoslavia in May 1943; the last was dropped in southern Austria on the last day of the war. Of the 32 volunteers, twelve were captured. Seven of the twelve were subsequently executed, including Haviva Reik in Slovakia and Hannah Szenes in Hungary. The Jewish parachutists succeeded in making contact with the various national resistance movements in the Balkans, including Tito’s partisans in Yugoslavia. Several were active participants in the Slovak National Uprising. Others succeeded in aiding Allied POWs in Romania and organizing immigration to Palestine in the immediate post-liberation period. Doron_Berdichev_Yaari   drop  lupesko   jpa  Peretz_Goldstein  Yoel_Palgi  RetrieveAsset.aspx  Jewish_parachutists_of_Yishuv  b  MARCH 44 (1)  MARCH 44 (2)    grp1   PARA    GEORGESCU46 CAPT RUSSEL  (2)   georgescu (2)  45 (12)  porter (2)

Ex Romanian Legionnaires  used  by OSS  & SOI as “mouse trap ” against communist Romania , parachuted and executed  in 1953 by Romania, a CIA stupidity which continues nowadays.…………1&feature=plcp


    mihaitheidiot  km_-6-2    1       nav al unif (2)  45 early  TWO IDIOTS a

                       ” Heil ” Mihai   never fought a war  no pilot    no Admiral   nyet  Russkies    no Politician just a mom’s boy and an oldies collector .

SS  38  nazis s  MIHAI (1) JOKE  04-foto5 idiot mihai mihai nazi

Mihai and Carol II , the Royal Romanian Jokes of the last century and Nazi collaborators

 Was never ” Mihai the Brave “, his family never liked Hitler ,didn’t have a easy life  never deserved the “Poveda ” nor ever cared for anyone’s interest except his own, Stalin must have been under  medications to award this guy Pobeda order which later on was dumpped on an auction house by our Hollywood actor.     Other than this, his father is seen above wearing the Polish Army uniform , an early acting skill of the Royal Romanian family .

23 feb 1946 - ziua armatei rosii 09pobeda (4) abdMMIHAI ACTOR

First with Antonescu , then with Hitler & Antonescu , then with Stalin & Allies & Commies  and then abdicated.  Was Mihai the Hochenzoller a mess  ?   or was  this mess a King ?

  mihailhail  mihai ROMANESTIS (2) ROMANESTIS (3) MIHAI (2) mihaihitlmihai-susaikov-groza-dej Susaikov COL.MARSHALL GRAY 98BG  

First with those, then with him  and  those  and then with those  Then again with those.  This guy is really confused  !

Here’s our Hochenzollern again , seen after his abdication in the early 50’s , showing great compassion for the events which destroyed his country few years earlier . Of course he’s from Romania !

50's (9) 50's (6)  56 SANTA MONICA  50's (1)

Here’s our young chap again, portraying as Pvt.pilot a privilege he never mastered along with his dominant mom wearing Hellenic AF pilot badge . Those Hochenzollern  are  hillarious , adapting themselves in any place by any weather , today Lion’s friend ,tomorrow Hunter’s aid  .  They were extraordinary people in extraordinary times, and so were the Romanians, cutting business with the strongest and selling their souls to the devil, of course the word guilt doesn’t belong into these peasant’s vocabulary , it must have had more of a Jewish or Russian accent  and  of course fabricated by Bolscheviks in Moscow .

GENEVAlink350's (2)

Sales rep.for Beechcraft and Link Singer , Geneva , Switzerland 1958

After the coup of August 23, 1944, in which King Michael ordered the arrest of Romania’s pro-German dictator, Ion Antonescu, Soviet troops entered Bucharest and found an interim Romanian government ready to negotiate peace. From the armistice Joseph Stalin fashioned a legal framework for the Soviet Union’s political and economic domination of Romania; he secured this through the imposition of rule by the Romanian Communist Party (RCP). On March 5, 1945, a pro-Soviet government came to power and used the country’s political structure, trade unions, and educational system to make Romania completely subservient to the Soviet Union. A vital step was the dissolution of the major democratic parties in the summer of 1947, and the indictment and imprisonment of their elderly leaders, Iuliu Maniu and Constantin Bratianu, as “agents of Britain and the United States.” Both died in communist prisons, along with many of their associates. Their trial was followed by the enforced abdication of King Michael on December 30, 1947. The RCP moved swiftly to transform Romania, following the Soviet model and employing Stalinist norms and practices. All private enterprises were nationalized in June 1948, and in March 1949 the ownership of land was completely removed from private hands without compensation. The confiscated land was used to create state farms or organized into collectives. Peasant resistance to collectivization resulted in some 80,000 imprisonments, with 30,000 peasants tried in public. Collectivization was finally completed in 1962.

0000421e  nazysty

Romanians  in 2012

NATO’s Romania and this of the Mobs  ’13

( Romania out of NATO  !)

Generally speaking , the Germans are remorseful of their grand fathers WWII wrong doings and evolved  as a free balanced nation . Not so  Romania which is  a devided nation lacking ethics, led by fluctuating leaders , a nation who didn’t resolve any of their ethnic problems , a country who became safe heaven and home base for major  fraud and crime gangs  with a Government who offers only lips service to those who send aid to Romania.




Corruption is a serious problem in Romania. The RLA offers the following general observations, but persons with specific concerns are strongly encouraged to consult with their own legal counsel.

American citizens seeking or doing business in Romania should be aware of the United States’ Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. (FCPA.) This law felonizes corrupt payments intended to induce the recipient to misuse his official position to wrongfully direct business to the payer or to those for whom the payer is acting. It includes acts by corporations, firms, officers, directors, corporate employees, agents, shareholders acting on behalf of covered firms and corporations, as well as acts by all foreign and domestic intermediaries on behalf of U.S. corporations. The penalties for FCPA violations include imprisonment for up to 5 years and various fines up to $2,000,000. The law also provides for alternate criminal fines up to twice the amount of gross gain to the defendant or gross loss to another, as well as various civil sanctions. The FCPA does not cover “grease” payments in for performance or expediting of routine governmental action. Commercial bribery can also involve other illegal activity to cover up the source of the funds used to pay the bribes and the trace of those funds. FCPA violations can be accompanied by mail fraud, wire fraud, stock fraud and tax fraud. Beyond these laws are a host of other felony laws that punish individuals who knowingly assist or protect those who engage in illegal corrupt practices. Under U.S. law those who conspire with and those who knowingly assist (aid and abet) lawbreakers are criminally liable. The criminal law also reaches those who are accessories, even after the crime had been completed, those who intentionally conceal the felony crimes of others and those who launder proceeds of certain types of crimes. On the Romanian side, receiving a bribe, giving a bribe, accepting undue benefits and influence trafficking are specifically prohibited by Romanian penal law. These laws are to varying degrees enforced. During the years 1994-1999 the Romanian government reports that 2,681 individuals were convicted for various acts of corruption. Of this number, the largest amount of convictions were obtained for accepting a bribe, 1359, just over 50%. In 2000 Romania amended its corruption laws by expanding the scope of the pre-existing laws, and increasing some penalties. These amendments are now in force. Under these amendments, private business managers are now exposed to the same penalties as public employees for accepting a bribe or influence trafficking. ================================================================================================================================================ Romania 2012     Crime and Safety Report       INTERPOL   HDQ  Transportation Security; Threats; Surveillance; Stolen items; Winter weather; Information Security; Financial Security; Cyber; Bribery; Drug Trafficking; Extortion; Fraud; Human Trafficking; Theft Europe > Romania > Bucharest 2/20/2012 – 2013 Overall Crime and Safety Situation Romanian  Crime Threats Most crimes against visitors are crimes of opportunity. Travelers should be aware of scams involving individuals posing as plain-clothed police officers; approaches of “quick friendship” at train/subway stations; and pick-pocketing in crowded areas. Exercise caution when traveling to Romania to meet individuals known only through contact over the Internet.   Panhandlers – often groups of children — can be aggressive and have resorted to grabbing/tearing clothing in their efforts to distract and steal from their target. When dining in restaurants, visitors should not hang handbags or suit coats on the backs of chairs. Wallets and other valuables can/will be stolen if caution is not exercised. Extreme care should be taken when patronizing “night clubs,” which can charge exorbitant prices and are relentless in pursuing payment. Additionally, simple assaults directed against Americans outside of clubs, usually late at night, after alcohol has been consumed and the victim is alone are possible. Credit card and Internet fraud are among the most common crimes affecting foreigners in Romania. Additionally and recently also Romanian Armed Forces personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq were subjects to various fraud investigations by NATO and US Military Police. ===================================================================================================================================

Organized Romanian Criminal Groups Targeted by Department of Justice

U.S. Department of Justice July 15, 2012
  • Department of Justice  (202) 514-2007

WASHINGTON—An ongoing Internet fraud scheme conducted by several networks of organized cyber criminals in Romania and the United States has been disrupted as a result of a series of law enforcement actions coordinated since 2010 between Romanian and U.S. law enforcement, including numerous arrests and searches that took place yesterday in Romania. More than 100 individuals have been arrested and charged in Romania and judicial districts in the United States as a result of close cooperation between the Romanian General Inspectorate of Police, Directorate for Combating Organized Crime, the Romanian Directorate for Investigating Infractions of Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), the General Directorate of Jandarmeria in Romania (GIJR) and the FBI, the U.S. Secret Service, the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) in the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, and the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices for the Southern District of Florida, the Western District of Pennsylvania and the Eastern District of Missouri. Yesterday, Romania law enforcement executed 117 searches targeting more than 100 individuals allegedly involved in the fraudulent scheme involving fake sales of merchandise through the Internet. Romanian law enforcement targeted individuals organizing and perpetrating this fraud from Romania.

“Those Who Forget the Past are Doomed to Repeat It “



  Alexandru Armă (Arma) nick” FRATELLO ” , Online Stalker 

In today’s Romania is nothing out of common to become a Politician, a factory, a company , an Airline or publically cheat, steal and fraudulently publish books . In fact that’s how their society ticks today when their ethics have long crossed their borders. Various Publishing Houses in Germany such as Kubbon & Sagner ceased selling books authored by V.Avram and Arma and other distributed by ” Cercul Militar ” in Bucharest to Europe. International fraud and crime gangs are synonymous with the today’s Romanian society and every foreign Embassy in Bucharest is warning about corruption and fraud originating from this country.

Apart his disgracing appearance ,this Romanian creature and serious mental case named Arma is portraying as WWII Historian born in Bucharest , in fact he’s a Moldavian  Stalker from Chisinau , who uses numerous  E-mail  alliases such as Alex Armand, Alina Bunutza. Alina Andreescu ,Nicholas Dimancescu,Narcis Gehrghina . Initially he introducing himself online as a female then when caught, he is losing his temper spittting racist slogans and sending PC viruses . Next, he popps in and pretends to be a Romanian Neo Nazi who wants revenge and seeks to cause physical harm . He repeatedly attempted to hack this site , sent PC viruses , Nazi and ethnic slogans along with threats of all kind .  Recently he was also banned on Facebook . His friend Valerium Avram is sofar not known yet on similar contexts but evidently he is mixed on similar activities with Arma . All what Arma can do is beating around the bush trying to intimidate online historical communities with spam emails ,other than that he can’t even properly spell English  ! His books have no historical values whatsoever and constitute history revision on purpose to defraud Romanian buyers who are keen to learn about their historical past .  Alexandru Arma is circulating at ” Cartula Romania ”  Forum and WW2 Romanian Army forum under “Fratello “. On the back of his books he claimed to be born in Bucharest , not even about his origin he wants to tell the truth . Why this ? Is because Arma has repeatedly attempted to copy my material on his books, stollen my Facebook photos  and keep spamming this site on continous basis .
 ArmaArchives   fag  alina b IMG_7309

Alexandru Arma self nicked “Fratello” WWII fraudulent co author from  Romania !

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278 thoughts on “Romanian Army Atrocities in WWII

  1. The Romanian Army (as well as all the armies in the world) during a war punished all those who sabotaged the army. On eastern front a lot of Jews were communists and they ambushed Romanian Army.

    • I can partially agree but who started the WWII, who allowed SonderGruppeOst to be stationed in Romania
      and then murder ethnics across Russia ? Romanian Army deserved the defeat and each Romanian officer should have been
      kept in Siberia or either shot rather let a Jew Romanian such as Pauker integrate them into Tudor Vladimirescu .
      You as Romanians are the last to call someone Nazi and bitch about your losses coze your grandfathers were Fascists and
      Nazis. If I would have been Stalin I would have sent many more of your grandfathers to the firing squads rather let
      you have a country today !

  2. One thing about the Swiss role in WWII, yes they did lots of wrong
    stuff including with the US airmen interned in Switzerland
    and the return of trains full of Jews and escapee from Germany
    who sought refuge in Swizerland.

    However I dont remember any extermination camps in Switzerland
    neither any Swiss war criminal which can be compared with the
    Germans, Austrians,Romanians and Hungarian.

    And since you are a member of Romanian WWII, do me a favour
    and ask the members overthere such as “Fratello ” allias
    Alexandru Arma and other who keep sending lots of spam that
    I keep monitoring their IP’s and I am reporting all these
    disturbances !

  3. Paul
    Your statement shows that you you didn’t properly read my both Blogs, if you
    would , you would have noticed that your questions are answered,

    I didn’t hear about Vraciu , I spoke to him in the long past in similar to Guenther Rall
    Hartmann, etc. His family wouldn’t have left Romania if everything was fine in there.
    Also about ” Bazu” I mentioned on my Blogs that I have great respect for him and was
    a great pilot though on August 23, 1944 Hartmann JG52 and Bazu Esc. Vnt.were far apart from
    oneanother and he may not even been on the air on that day.

    Your remarks about US policies have nothing to do with my topics and are pure business matters in
    similar to Marcel Dassualt and banktupt SAAB was trying to sell the Mirage and Grippen with dirty
    tricks to Hungaria and to you.

    Regarding the US interventions, is because your country asked for their help and they borrowed
    you their tax payers money that is why they can dictate you whatever they want, Sweeds and French
    didn’t take into to NATO and no other country more than US advocated your NATO membership.

    Your remarks are of general nature and it shows your knowledge is limited. By the
    way is called Dresden and not Dresda and I speak German and other 5 languages fluent
    The question is howmany do you speak and how much you really know about the history you

  4. Paul

    Of course I heard, and I am sure Tibor heard it too, of course you are right
    about Hungaria’s role in WWII. As into Romania yes they fought against the
    Nazies and Pauker brought you the Tudor Vladimirescu myth from Siberian ice
    though what other choice your country had ? Last words of Alex Serbanescu
    “better die than betray the German friends “…..this answers all your

  5. Paul :

    I elected to post your stuff because your language seems to be more intellectual
    than this of your compatriots,as long people seek to intellectually discuss
    rather than call names and spam me with patriotic garbage & slogans , this meets
    the criteria of having the remarks posted.

    In hindsight, this what Romania did in WWII was from the beginning on a huge
    error a mistake by a leader swept up by his own propaganda system and a grand
    plan of seeding new identity and new laws by a weak and beaten up regime under
    pressure by nationalists fascists and Hitler.

    Having faced an ultimatum by the Russians and then losing land to an agreement
    between Hitler the Russians and Hungarians,your country justified the need
    to surrender the land to the Germans, become a main offensive Ally of Hitler ,
    mount land invasion in Russia and start ethnic cleansings in Romanian and
    beyond its borders to crush Russia and make them be your labour slaves.

    Obviously your country is “increasingly dismayed and disillusioned” during
    the last years by having faced rapid transitions from Gheorgiu Dej years of
    tirany into this of Ceausescu’s regime, the fall of German wall and Ceausescu’s execution
    rapidly ending up into a Westernised shapped society which led you into a new system
    of lawleness and poverty.Unfortunately and like the past the solution during harsh ecconomic
    times seems to be the rebirth of Fascisms,ethnical turmoil and radicalism clearly displayed now
    by your new generation rather than constructively seeks ways out of the crise not permitting
    the painful past to return to replace the present and by putting aside the terrible guilt
    of your nation from 72 years ago, especially that your Nation never made any repayments such
    as Germany, Japan, Italy , Finland did , and to no one.

    Of course wars no matter what , were and remain profit oriented. In WWII as long the profits were up
    even the worst Hitler’s murderers were ready to replace Nazi ideology ,the Final Solution the Bolscheviks
    and minorities with minding their own profits and interests, and so Antonescu and your country did .

    Needless to remind the Kastner Train , the Schindlers List, The Wannsee Konferenz , the Vlasov Army ,
    the SS Muslim Regiment,Croats SS and Lufwaffe, Slovak Luftwaffe
    units or cite “fat boy ”
    Hermann’s famous statement about Gen.Milch « I decide who is Jew and who isn’t «

    Lots of Romanian readers spend efforts to force me custom fit their history which themselves don’t understand
    it an inch ,calling names upon disagreement. In fact the military and aviation history of your country was written
    on numerous good books by numerous authors such as Craciunoiu, Gherghina ,Chazanov,
    even Denes & Karlenko
    and yet some of your countrymen wants claim more, they glorify military achievements
    which never were nor Romania was ever capable of producing them ,and reshape a Nazi criminal as a national hero.

    Obviously , your society is highly devided over Euro and Dollar Zone crises the renewed presence
    of the Royals ,profit oriented system, the rich and the poor and the old powers changing roles,
    even women liberation values from the West mostly in your attempt to copy our values which
    brought our Western society down.

    Your remarks however,gets you in the minorit and soon u’ll discover yourself totally alone and
    isolated because nowadays most of your fellow Romanians won’t see it your way and reject the
    intellectual approach increasingly frustrated over the failure of your system in Romania.

    Yes, Col.John Kane memorial at Cismigiu , Holocaust on one side and Antonescu’s monument
    on the other side , even a newly rebuilt Ceausescu’s grave. These were the signs you mentioned
    and the warnings given !

  6. Thank you for your comments , one thing I wonder is why people remarks communism simpathies just because I disclosed the truth as it was ?! secondly , take a better
    look at my stuff , you will notice there is nothing to do with communism on my research.

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